How I work

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards personal growth and healing?
I am creating a safe and accepting space in which defenses and masks fall away.
On that unique journey or odyssey, you will get through to your personal needs. Strengths and “weaknesses” will become clear and you will find out that weakness is just a word for strength in disguise.

Together, we will explore your unique path towards self-discovery and tap into the ancient wisdom of those who have walked this journey before us.

Consultations can be conducted via Zoom or phone calls. I offer a low-priced initial basecamp meeting, which can be easily scheduled through my calendar app or booking page. My goal is for you to leave our meeting feeling lighter and happier, equipped with the tools you need to continue your journey toward inner peace and joy.

I approach personal growth and healing from an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing upon the wisdom of the Lakota and other multicultural teachings from Hawaii and India. My spirit council consists of spiritual teachers from around the world who have guided me for the past decade, and I am committed to continuously learning and growing myself.

Throughout our time together, we will utilize my LIFE-System, a holistic framework designed to help you learn, integrate, fuel, and evolve. This holistic approach will ensure that you get the most out of our time together, with the potential for a lasting impact on your life journey.

About Me

I built this business out of a strong desire to facilitate a more tranquil way of living for all. I value the gifts we each have to offer and believe we can all strive to live with intention. I want to help others tap into their own inner happiness and realize what they never thought was possible.

I like to emphasize, that my greatest motivation is a collective shift in awareness that enables our planet to heal. I hold deep appreciation and love for all living beings and our environment. I see this form of work and support as a major ingredient for the collective change that is due in order to create a sustainable life for all on this planet.

In conventional terms, I work in the space between spirituality and personal development, which to me are one and the same.


This is part of my education and training:

I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management and Communication in 2014
I discontinued my Master of Science in Psychology and Exercise Science in 2017.

Additionall  Workshops, Seminars and Lectures

I visited countless workshops and seminars. I continue to do so because I enjoy learning and expanding my knowledge on many different subjects.
Listed below is a selection of seminars I attended.

Spiritual Development

Eckhart Tolle Retreat: The Depth of Being (Wailea, Maui, USA)
Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening (Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada)
Eckhart Tolle Online Programs: Conscious Mannifestation, Being the Light

Shamanic Journey Beginner, Advanced and Specialized Seminars (Oberbeerbach, Germany)
Shamanic Journey Advanced Class / Regular Monthly Meetings ongoing (Oberbeerbach, Germany)
Since 2012 I am part of a shamanic supervision group which is meeting every month, approximateley 8 times a year.

Munay Center of Shamanic Studies / Munay Ki The Nine Rites of Initiation in the Medicine Way (Cork, Ireland)
Munay Center of Shamanic Studies / South Class (Cobh, Ireland)

Animal Communication Beginner, Advanced and Specialized Seminars (Korschenbroich, Germany)
Rites of Passage / Vision Quest (Death Valley, USA)
The Art of Dreaming / Dreaming your Soul back home (Frankfurt, Germany)

Communication, Leadership and Speaker Trainings

Speaker and Workshop Instructor Training (Koblenz, Germany)
The Art of Communication Trainings (Mainz, Germany)
Conflict Resolution (Mainz, Germany)*
Group Dynamics and Behaviors (Koblenz, Germany)*

Constructive Criticism (Seibersbach, Germany)*
* carried out by Sportjugend Rheinland-Palatinate Germany
Umeå University / Leadership Training (Umeå, Sweden)

Additionally I refine my teaching and coaching skills through the usage of books and online courses. A comprehensive list would be possible but exceeds the informational value. You can find a selection of books that inspired me here.


My Edict
My intention is to live in a world where individuals everywhere love what they do, feeling increasingly inspired by each other.
I understand this takes courage, perseverance and a wholehearted belief in one’s self.

My Vision
My vision is to create and sustain a network of decentralised sanctuaries and refuges for people to heal and transform. The location of the sanctuary I intend to create is in Hawaii.
This network is committed to teaching and sharing the knowledge necessary to create organizations and safe spaces that will make retreat centers and sanctuaries accessible to people of all walks of life. Our goal is to ensure that these spaces, which are currently only accessible to a minority, become available to all.

My Mission
The purpose of Light Trails Co. is to assist beings on their journey from suffering to inner peace and joy.


Client Admissions and Fees

Whereas I am a supporter of the idea to give what one can or would like to, I agree also that in most cases we need to bring something of value to the table to make ourselves accountable and willing to address what lies ahead. In economists’ terms, we speak of opportunity costs. If there is no (financial) involvement, it is too convenient to walk away or cancel on short notice. 
I have written a few lines on this issue in my comprehensive guide.

My skills and program enable a multitude of applications because they evolve around the Medicine Wheel.
This holistic approach allows me to incorporate a diverse spectrum of goals and intentions of my clients.

Shamanic Journeys are for all those who feel drawn to a spiritual path where nature is among the primary teachers.

I reduced the number of clients and hours that I am taking on and no longer active market the offer. This means if you would like to work with me send me an email or use the contact form linked on the bottom of the page so that we can set up a meeting.

Transparency as a part of Honesty is an important aspect in my life. If you are interested in working with me on a professional level, you can find the prices and services here.

The comprehensive guide on how to find your perfect mentor or coach

Welcome to your comprehensive guide on how to choose the perfect mentor!

In this article, you’ll find a list of points that are worth looking into when looking to hire a professional coach. If you’re looking for someone to work with in order to live a fuller and more peaceful life and don’t know where to start, let me assure you, I know just how you feel.

In 2017 when I wrote this guide I read an article that in the United States alone there had been more than 15,000 coaches offering their services. The Covid-19 Pandemic has led to almost exponential growth in this industry because of many factors. The increased suffering due to lockdowns, the absence of “pacifying” coping strategies, as well as opening up to digital and online formats are only a few explanations.

Since there are so many people out there who are claiming to be able to guide us to our goals of happiness and a fulfilling life, it’s worth asking ourselves some questions. If you would like to read the entire guide follow this link, to browse through the guide use the slider below.

The Comprehensive Coach Guide – #1 Be Open

One of the most important things to consider when looking for your coach is to stay open minded. When we are looking at our comfort zone in relation to what life has to offer it is a small, small bubble that we live in. It can be fairly alarming when we are in touch with this outside world that has a completely different approach to almost anything we can think of.

The Comprehensive Coach Guide – #2 Chemistry

Like every service, it’s important that you feel comfortable with the person that is sitting next to you. But the chemistry between a coach and a client goes far beyond that.

The Comprehensive Coach Guide – #3 “Be skeptical…”

Be skeptical because, as we have observed already, there are countless offers from people who make their living coaching people. I’m one them by the way.

The Comprehensive Coach Guide – #4 “…but learn to listen”

You are very likely seeking out people to help you transition into a new way of life. Chances are the mentor or coach that you pick is going to address some unpleasant or highly discomforting issues.

The Comprehensive Coach Guide – #5 Give yourself time to process and integrate

There is no question that you will need time. You are the person who is in charge, so choose a mentor that is able to go with your flow.

The Comprehensive Coach Guide – #6 Autocratic vs. Dogmatic

How do you want to work? Do you want to follow a particular set of rules and guidelines that are used to steer the process in a certain direction or are you looking for the opposite.

The Comprehensive Coach Guide – #7 Level of Introspection

This is something that women will eventually be a little more aware of, due to the nature of their connection to their bodies. Nonetheless, it is essential for men to take the body into account because it is a vital gateway to our feelings and emotions.

The Comprehensive Coach Guide – #8 Pricing and Money

Money is often described as a universal form of energy that can be exchanged between people. Our energy output can be seen as a big accounting process.

The Comprehensive Coach Guide – #9 Online vs. Local

Chances are you won’t know what you prefer until you try something out. Also, changing circumstances can dictate your decision because you simply have no choice between one or the other.

The Comprehensive Coach Guide – #10 Self Empowerment

The tenth item on our list emphasizes the importance of self empowerment. No one can teach you anything you don’t already know in the deepest depths of your heart.

The Comprehensive Coach Guide – #11 Coaching vs. Consulting

You will get a better understanding of the way the coach/consultant is operating when you sit down for the first time.
I doubt that all coaches stay within their realms of asking questions and all consultants tell their clients what to do.

The Comprehensive Coach Guide – #12 Coaching vs. Therapy

This was enough for her to start an arduous rant about all these sharlatans who call themselves (spiritual) coaches and mess up people with their untrained ways.

I am writing this because it highlights an issue that must be addressed. As much as the rant was uncalled for there is some truth to it.

The Comprehensive Coach Guide – Conclusion

So now we know pretty much what to look for when hiring a coach, but what’s the next step?
The Internet is still as huge as it had been ten minutes ago.

Sound Tracks and Shamanic Journeys

The Miraculous Materialization Manifesto Introduction

We explore various aspects of conscious creation, manifestation, and living a meaningful life. From the exploration of time and space to the power of surrender and gratitude, these excerpts touch upon key elements that shape our experiences and shape the path toward our dreams. We delve into topics such as the role of doubt, the interplay between ego and presence, and the importance of aligning with our soul’s purpose.

The Miraculous Materialization Manifesto – Imagination

Imagination is believed to be our most powerful tool in consciously creating the life we desire. Personally, I was drawn to shamanic journeys and the teachings of my mentor, realizing the significance of visualization. If we can’t imagine or see our desires happening, the chances of them becoming reality diminish. By immersing ourselves in the vision and feeling the emotions of its fulfillment, we can bring our dreams closer to reality. It’s helpful to visualize a future where our wishes are already fulfilled, eliminating doubts and realizing that it’s just a matter of time. However, we must use this method carefully and only when doubts arise, avoiding the trap of unattainable goals.

The Miraculous Materialization Manifesto – Channel

Conscious creation stems from recognizing our oneness with the Universe and the foundation of creation in the Consciousness from which all forms arise. Begging the Universe or God to fulfill our wishes through affirmations and visualizations is unnecessary. Our desires may have been predestined by the Creator or our soul before our incarnation. Instead of treating manifestation as an order to wear down the Universe, true conscious creation comes from letting go and transcending hindrances to allow our essence to flow. Embracing our role as channels for this “magic” aligns us with the manifestation process.

The Miraculous Materialization Manifesto – Soul Purpose

Our alignment and soul purpose in this lifetime requires trust in the intelligence guiding the universe, allowing it to manifest through surrender and without rigid expectations. Dr. Wayne Dyer’s quote, “Don’t die with your music still in you,” highlights the importance of discovering and embracing our purpose. Similar to love or grace, purpose happens to us, and we can choose to say yes and commit to it, even when our goals and aspirations differ from it.

The Miraculous Materialization Manifesto – The Illusion Of Time

The concept of time and its relativity can be mind-bending, as our rational minds struggle to grasp it. However, the teachings of great masters emphasize that the only moment that exists is the present. Events in this physical reality are not confined to a linear timeline but rather exist as an infinite stack of present moments. In relation to shamanic journeys, entering non-ordinary reality allows for “time-traveling” to points in time where healing and integration are needed. Understanding that everything is happening in the present, we can use the element of time to our advantage when creating and manifesting our visions. By journeying to the end result and understanding the causal chain of events, we gain guidance and a roadmap to follow. Despite the vision of our future selves not being fully manifested, every event in our lives serves as stepping stones to become the being capable of holding the frequency required to manifest our vision.

The Miraculous Materialization Manifesto – Vibrational Frequency

Understanding the frequency or level of consciousness within us is essential. The technique of Japa, as introduced by Wayne Dyer in his Meditation CD, involves the rise of Kundalini Energy through the Chakras. However, each Chakra can act as either an amplifier or a bottleneck for this energy, impacting our ability to manifest. Inner work is required to release past trauma, integrate disassociations, and establish self-love to unblock the energy channels. Manifesting from an ego-driven perspective often lacks benevolence and may not truly benefit others. It is important to align our energy field and level of consciousness, recognizing that manifestations may take time to materialize. Our external experiences and challenges serve as teachers, helping us release ego-identification and let our light shine. Keep practicing manifestation, even if initially driven by self-centered desires, as we are subtly co-creating our experiences and realizing that life happens for us.

The Miraculous Materialization Manifesto – Alignmnet

The question of whether our vision or dream feels natural to us is crucial. Wayne Dyer emphasized the importance of assessing our alignment with our desires. If something doesn’t feel natural to us, it indicates a misalignment with our true selves and the limitations we perceive. While it is true that everything is possible to manifest, the ease and naturalness we feel towards a creation determine its feasibility. Understanding our own limitations and embracing what truly resonates with us is key to conscious creation.

The Miraculous Materialization Manifesto – Doubt

Doubt, represented by the duality inherent in its nature, can either hinder or amplify our manifestation efforts. Acknowledging doubt and accepting it as a sign of growth when venturing into the unknown is crucial. Rather than trying to eliminate doubt, we can work with it by shifting our focus and controlling our thoughts and emotions. Gratitude for the present and envisioning our dreams as already manifested raise our consciousness and vibrational frequency. Interrupting patterns of lack and redirecting attention to what is already present and the positive aspects of our experiences accelerates the manifestation process. Choosing alignment with our dreams through thoughts, words, and actions empowers us. When doubt arises, pause and connect with the present moment, releasing negative narratives and embracing underlying emotions. Embracing doubt as a catalyst for progress and maintaining a high vibration propels us toward manifesting our visions.

The Miraculous Materialization Manifesto – Focused Surrender

The art of focused surrender encapsulates living a meaningful life. While we focus our energy on manifesting our dreams, it is equally vital to surrender to the universe. Our limited mental capacity and the complexities of life highlight the importance of surrendering to the higher intelligence at work. Focused surrender involves directing our attention, imagination, and feelings toward our goals while trusting the guiding intelligence to bring them into physical form. Surrendering requires letting go of expectations and disengaging from outcomes, trusting that everything unfolds as it should. It is an advanced practice that paradoxically combines manifestation techniques with detachment from results. Ultimately, it boils down to trust in the guidance of the Great Spirit, recognizing challenges and resistances as stepping stones, and knowing we are always in the right place at the right time.

The Miraculous Materialization Manifesto – Gratitude

Gratitude serves as the portal on our path toward our dreams. It is a doorway we must walk through, for complaining and resisting the present moment only leads us astray. Developing gratitude can be challenging, especially for things we overlook in their importance. However, it is a powerful teacher that shifts our focus and helps us appreciate the present. Gratitude teaches us to slow down and recognize the value of even the smallest details. Without gratitude, the pursuit of happiness becomes endless, even if our dreams come true. But through gratitude, our lives are filled with joy, appreciation, and love for the present, regardless of the outcomes. Living a life in gratitude surpasses disappointment and complaint, creating an unimaginable quality of existence.

The Miraculous Materialization Manifesto – Conclusion

We explored various aspects of conscious creation and manifestation. We delved into the importance of aligning our consciousness with our desires, recognizing the power of the present moment. In conclusion, the path of conscious creation involves a harmonious blend of focused intention, surrender, trust, and gratitude. By understanding and embracing these key aspects, we can navigate the journey of manifesting our dreams with greater clarity, fulfillment, and alignment with the higher forces at play.

*For all those who would like to read the entire manifesto in one piece, you can find it here *

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