This is LIFE

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We will get to know essential teachings and tools. In addition to being the foundation for the program they provide us with the potential to master our lives and connect with other forms of reality.


We will declutter our basements, check out dream boxes and get answers concerning timing and interrelatedness. By the end of the module we will meet with our greatest allies.


It’s time to say yes to our dreams and visions. Faith and commitment provide the necessary propellant for the final module of the course. 


The final weeks of the program provide us with the sophisticated tools necessary to stay present and on the path towards our vision. Learning to surrender to what is and to be grateful, generous and loving towards ourselves and others.

About LIFE

This system is going to change your entire life experience

LIFE is a system that is specifically for those who intend to live with purpose and meaning. I went through my lessons of the last decades to compile a holistic curriculum that will help participants in the best possible way. The beauty of the system is that it is possible to use parts or the entire program again and again.
Additionally we can incorporate all levels of experience by our deeper understanding and knowledge we bring back from these journeys.

“Keep on keeping on, the journey has just begun”

Martin Theis, Founder Light Trails Co.

Cutting Energy Chords

The Temple of Healing

Totem Animal Journey

Journey to the Mountain of the Wise One

Visiting the Inner Basement

Journey to our dream boxes

Visiting the Inner Child

Placing the Shields

Crossing the Rubicon - the point of no return

Discovering the Inner House

Journey to the Trust Volcano

Traveling to the Edge of the Coin

Remembering Lost Aspects

Journey to the Karmic Library

The Sacred Giveaway

The Art of Focused Surrender


What others have to say on LIFE

“… I can highly recommend Martin as a coach. He has really helped me to develop both in my personal and professional life. I would like to emphasise his ability to listen actively, his empathy and his foresight. I always feel comfortable and seen with him, even in difficult and challenging processes he has the ability to guide in a calm and level-headed way. With the help of his coaching, I have also managed to sharpen my professional profile and have become more successful financially as a result. I recommend Martin to all those who are motivated to change their lives and are ready to take charge of them …”
– Chris –

I highly recommend the sessions with Martin. I entered the experience with no expectations and rather doubting if I could learn from shamanic zoom sessions and I was positively surprised. It worked really well from the comfort of my own home and I had time after the sessions to reflect and digest. Martin listened very carefully, asked such incredible questions that inspired me throughout the days and he found beautiful words every time. I carry images of the journeys still with me and keep travelling to some of the places. It was really supportive for me, thank you so much Martin!
– Andi –

I had an incredible experience getting coached by Martin over the last 5 months. He is a highly accomplished practitioner of the Shamanic medicine wheel and he has beautifully designed his ‘Life’ coaching model around it. Martin has a deeply spiritual and reflective mind that he combines with his vast knowledge to hold a sacred space of trust. All your intentions that you may bring to each coaching session are beautifully resolved through the Shamanic journeys that he will walk with you on. Martin is a high committed coach so if you select him as your coach, you will be very lucky! Thank you Martin!
– Anuj –

Martin is the most empathic and thoughtful person I met. Paired with his profound coaching skills, he guided me through several severe ups and downs in my personal life as well as career. Those are not limited to, but also implied: cancer, getting fired, unwanted fatherhood, switching jobs, getting a promotion and changing my career path. Whatever life threw at me, he managed to discover positive angles, find solutions and helped me coping with any challenges that came my way. Thank you for everything! – Horst –

Why Choose LIFE

Customized For Everyone

In the “modern” coaching world it is said, if you can help everyone, you can’t help anyone.

I beg to differ. My coaching method’s foundation lies within the teachings of the Medicine Wheel. It is a holistic system that has helped human beings for thousands of years to find healing and expand on their strengths.
That being said, even though the places we visit are mapped out in advance to support each client with a framework, the journeys will be unique in how they represent the intention and energy of the “traveler”.

In our first meeting we will carve out the most important road blocks or hindrances. Following this we are looking at your goals and intentions of what it is you are looking to bring into your life experience. These two aspects are then compounded into your intention for the program, thereby creating the highly individual roadmap for our journey together.

Our Classes

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One-on-One’s are a wonderful way for those who feel most comfortable in a private setting.


The circle is a group setting which multiplies the learnings and revelatory experiences through all who come together to grow and expand.

Webinar Series

Participation in a Webinar is an easy and free way to experience this work and to find out if it speaks to you.


The Best of Everything

Holistic Approach

The Teachings and Journeys are based on the Medicine Wheel, which is a holistic path to perceive and transform our life.

Sacred Space

We are consciously creating a sacred space . This means that the guidance and support we need will show up and that we always receive what is of importance in this moment.

Conscious Creation

Through journeying into an alternate reality, that is often called “non-ordinary reality” we are able to transcend time and space, thereby being able to alter the physical, or ordinary, reality we experience.

Personal Power

By letting go of our past and narratives that no longer serve us, we increase our personal power and with it the ability to consciously create more easily and potently.


The Art of forgiveness is often perceived as something we do “to” others. In this space we realize that forgiveness serves us and frees us from repeating the past over and over again.


We realize that everything and everyone showing up is presenting a lesson or a perspective that can help us to move fulfilled and peacefully through life.


Latest Articles

The Ideology Induration

The Ideology Induration

In the midst of grappling with the intricate dance between personal ideologies and collective progress, a pivotal realization comes to light. The article delves into the introspective journey evolving around ideological activism. It is important to look at the significance of how we advocate for change, not just what we advocate for. The narrative navigates the treacherous waters of ideological resistance, highlighting the transformative power of compassion and love over adversarial approaches. As spiritual insights and Indigenous wisdom converge, a central message emerges: unity in diversity and open dialogue hold the key to sustainable transformation.

Understanding psychotropic-Ally induced Shamanic Journeys

Understanding psychotropic-Ally induced Shamanic Journeys

Shamanic journeys with plant medicine involve inducing the power of psychotropic plants to change our perception of reality and open us up to new perspectives. These medicines, originating mainly from the Southern American Continent, carry a unique kind of medicine or power that helps individuals transcend their ego-centered sense of reality. By ingesting plant medicine, one can access a non-ordinary reality governed by different laws, not merely hallucinatory experiences. In shamanic ceremonies, the shaman facilitates the sacred space where these worlds merge, with the plant medicine acting as the ally for the journey. The shaman’s role is to guide individuals back to their bodies and assist in the integration process, particularly for inexperienced travelers. Working with plant allies in shamanic journeys allows us to learn from the spiritual essence of the plants and their common attributes, as seen in Carlos Castañeda’s experiences with different plant medicines. Seeking healing is the underlying purpose of engaging with plant medicines, aligning the spheres of spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health to restore balance and wholeness. The decision to embark on this healing path, whether with or without plant medicine, is a matter of personal preference and is often guided by intuition.

The Easy-Money Fallacy

The Easy-Money Fallacy

There is a personal development boom happening, and many entrepreneurs are capitalising on it by selling programs and courses that promise to help people achieve their goals. However, not all of these entrepreneurs are truly dedicated to helping others. Some are more focused on making money, and may not be as concerned with the results they claim to deliver. This can be frustrating for people who are seeking help and guidance, and may not know how to differentiate between honest and dishonest educators.