The Comprehensive Coach Guide โ€“
#5 Give yourself time to process and integrate

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

There is no question that you will need time. You are the person who is in charge, so choose a mentor that is able to go with your flow.
Every person is different when it comes to processing and integrating. Sometimes we need a lot of input and perspective from an external person and sometimes we need time by ourselves.

If this is the beginning of your journey, chances are you will have to find out about these kinds of rhythms while you go along. Talk to your prospective coach about how often meetings will occur. Is it possible to pay by session to session or is there a commitment to a certain amount of time?

I urge you to refrain from seeing things as right and wrong. Try instead to adopt a perspective about what you need in order to address that, which needs addressing at your own pace.a