The Comprehensive Coach Guide – Conclusion

Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash

So now we know pretty much what to look for when hiring a coach, but what’s the next step?
The Internet is still as huge as it had been ten minutes ago and I still don’t know where to look apart from the first three result pages from Google when I enter “life coach + (insert attribute that is important to you here).”

Be curious and open-minded and see what happens. Maybe you will be sitting next to someone on a plane or train who has a recommendation. Maybe you will see a local advertisement in your favorite store or pilates class. Be patient and hold the intention that when the student is ready the master will appear.

When I came back from my vision quest in Death Valley in 2014 I was convinced that I would find a new mentor who would teach me his or her ways, but since I moved from Norway to Ireland to Germany within a year and a half I did not get the chance to establish a long-lasting physical relationship with someone. Since I was traveling so much I was listening to many of the audiobooks by Dr. Wayne Dyer. In a sense, I had found a new mentor, because his teachings varied greatly from what I had learned so far in my former coaching relationship.

Maybe your coach has written a book and it winds up in your hands to get you started. Maybe you’ll find an online video class that will help you in a time when you need it most.

Stay open to the process and trust in your inner guidance to lead you to the right circumstances that you need right now.

Sometimes it’s a lot to ask for in the current situation, but if you trust the universe and the process of becoming you will receive the answer you’re looking for.

I believe these tips are a good start but also think the road needs to be traveled in order to learn from it. I have been blessed with the coaches and teachers I stumbled into in my life and I am positive that the same can and will happen to you if you allow it to.

Hopefully, these steps will help you along your way, and if you have any questions or are looking for assistance feel free to reach out.

Keep on keeping on and get your self together!