The Comprehensive Coach Guide – #2 Chemistry

Photo by Arif Wahid on Unsplash

Like every service, it’s important that you feel comfortable with the person that is sitting next to you. But the chemistry between a coach and a client goes far beyond that. Chances are you’ll most likely be disclosing your deepest and most hidden aspects of your personality to that person. And in most cases, these aspects are hidden to us as well. I can almost guarantee that if you notice these aspects at all, you may chose to overlook or skip them if you feel you cannot trust the person in front of you.
Even after working with my mentor for six years I still have to consciously step beyond that threshold in one-on-one sessions and assure myself that she has always given me fair treatment and has never taken advantage of the knowledge I shared with her. It’s quite the reverse actually. I have always benefited the most after opening up and speaking freely. But this relationship depends on mutual trust and respect.
Look for a person you feel drawn to and spend some time in a free consultation, which most professional coaches and mental health trainers offer.

Some years ago I tried out behavioral therapy and in the first session I talked about the things I wanted to change. But as I opened up I felt demeaned and judged by my therapist. I made the decision, however, to stay and work with her, because waiting lists to get an open slot in any therapist’s office had been up to six months at that time. I didn’t do either of us a favor because I was holding back and only disclosed the bare minimum instead of speaking freely.

Two things are important to remember when it comes to chemistry:

A) Don’t work with someone you feel uncomfortable with, no matter what the reasons might be.

B) If you find someone that you do like to work with, but you have to wait in order to get an open slot, it might be worth the wait because it will make you feel better when you do actually start to open up freely.