#1 Be Open Minded

Photo by Finn Hackshaw on Unsplash

One of the most important things to consider when looking for your coach is to stay open-minded. When we are looking at our comfort zone in relation to what life has to offer it is a small, small bubble that we live in. It can be fairly alarming when we are in touch with this outside world that has a completely different approach to almost anything we can think of. So if you are looking to find flaws or negative affirmations in a professional or even the random people you meet on the street, chances are you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

On a slightly off-topic note, I sometimes like to refer to movies, so-called motion pictures. This is because I have spent half of my life in front of a screen (a slight exaggeration perhaps). But since I love movies and have seen them again and again, I can often draw upon their message in order to make things easier to understand. That is the great magic of movies when we watch them with an open mind. Many of you also love movies, I’m sure, as we can all relate to their stories and find catharsis in them.

So back to the topic at hand if you have not seen “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey I strongly suggest you watch it to become familiar with the idea of being open to new pathways and experiences which then become aids in transforming ourselves.

In relation to a mentor or coach, in the end, it is our judgments that form our perception of reality and the person in front of us never had a chance to show how brilliant they are if we dismissed that possibility right from the get-go.

In The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle speaks about how we often overlook teachers of presence and great masters because they are quite ordinary or “unremarkable”.
Our ego is often looking for flashy and shiny stuff. This is what is often capitalized on in marketing campaigns. Subconsciously we want something that we wish the service or product is transferring to us. So when I see the executive coach on YouTube sporting a Lamborgini, the ego in me tells me, “When learn from this guy, I will become this guy.”
Unfortunately, there are too many pitfalls in it to talk about in this guide. I wrote a special dealing with the topic. You can find it here.

So maybe for a change, we could look at offers that seem undistinguished as unsuspicious and those who come along with drums beating and trumpets sounding as something to tread carefully with.

No matter what is the case, stay open to the process, trust your intuition and even if we get burned, we can rest in the fact that, this too is part of the process if we allow ourselves to see the lesson in it and how we intend to proceed from there.