The Comprehensive Coach Guide – #7 Level of Introspection

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

This is something that women will eventually be a little more aware of, due to the nature of their connection to their body. Nonetheless, it is essential for men to take the body into account because it is a vital gateway to our feelings and emotions. Especially for those who decided to cut themselves off from their feelings entirely because circumstances became to painfull to bear.

It is important to highlight that the extent of introspection coaches work with varies like every point on this list. I have had the challenge and gift of being able to work with someone who would always ask how I felt. This was difficult for me because I didn’t feel anything in the beginning. If I was not able to feel what she was picking up on she would propose something, but always ask for verification. She never told me that she would perceive “the truth” and question me in a sense that I would come to the “right” conclusion on my own.

When working with our own potential and shifting into a fulfilling life, mastering introspection is crucial. No one can give us answers when it comes to how certain things make us feel. Our heart and feelings are the sextant, compass, and map that we use for navigating through thirty-foot waves, seemingly endless nebulae and starless nights on the ocean we call life. We need a coach that empowers us in becoming able to read those instruments ourselves. If we feel overwhelmed, we need them to be patient and go through the process over and over until we are able to read these instruments with confidence ourselves. What we don’t need is someone taking over the rudder and taking us to the places we wanted to go, but once they leave the ship we feel lost and don’t know how to set course towards our next journey.

Additionally, the body is like a hard drive for our feelings and emotions. If we have suppressed feelings, the chances are high that we will find them somewhere stored in our body in form of pain or disease. Our bodies are marvelous instruments, which always tell us the truth. We only need to learn the language the body is speaking, and a coach can be that tutor who tells us how.
Introspection is meant to help you get in touch with your emotions and gain an understanding of how you feel in your body and soul. It is taking that metaphorical step back and becoming the observer of your reactions, patterns, and behaviors.