In the Roots-Reggae classic from Horace Andy “Money Is The Root Of All Evil” many people will find agreement with what it states. When my correlating inner statement got turned around and dissolved it felt weirdly easy to accept. The point I didn’t expect to see so clearly was that money in itself is not only neutral and has no agenda. The even bigger surprise for me was to realize that when I had perceived money as the root of all evil, money is actually pointing towards the root of evil and not the source of it.

In other words, the small but crucial difference is that I deeply felt that money simply is…period. Whether a person chooses to use it for the greater good or for personal benefit is not money’s responsibility or “fault” if we choose to play the blame game. In a way, it highlights a certain disposition that already existed in human beings using or abusing money. 
Naturally, the assumption can be made that it’s always easy to say money doesn’t corrupt our character but once people acquire large amounts they change. This proves exactly the point I am hoping to convey, money only made that preexisting disposition or trait visible and exposed it to others.

The greatest difficulty I found was that the people around us, who are great listeners in many cases when we talk about inner processes, all have their issues with money. Money has people up in emotions in no time so rather than focusing on immediate results and progress, see it as a journey and process that is acquired over time by repetition. 
Additionally, you will have to find your own understanding rather than hoping to come to a conclusion by talking to others. Chances are that you might take on the belief system of the person you talk to. This is why money can become such a great teacher in our life because among other things, it teaches us to listen to our own intuition and guidance. Even if it is tempting to ask others for advice, their perception and relationship with money is heavily influenced by their past experiences with or without money.

What revealed itself over the workshop weekend was heavy and old conditioning from my past. The reason why I was able to let go of my old value system in the two days can be found in the circle and space of the workshop. It’s mostly due to the fact that I was surrounded by like-minded people and mentors who assisted the whole group in shifting out of these concepts.
We will explore resistance in another part of this series but if you already notice any kind of reaction bubbling up inside yourself, it is important to be determined to keep an open mind.

Ask yourself the question: 

“What if I was able to use information like this and with it to be able to change how money shows up in my life?”

What if?

Whether or not building a retreat center is “better” than buying a garage full of sports cars is up to our calling and the question of what makes us happy. If I am “buying” into a certain lifestyle to portray an image of either being a do-gooder or of a one-percenter then both are fake. The important question that money helps us to answer is why is it important to me and how can I live it in the present moment. It’s often an illusion that we can’t be generous or create a life we wish for ourselves when there is not enough money.
Coming back full circle. I can not tell you about anyone else other than myself and my experience with money. But when my metaphorical penny dropped and I found myself with an abundance of money, I was so at ease and happy with my life that the only thing that came to my mind was to make presents and donations to people and organizations I had been looking forward to supporting for a long time. 
So when I participated in the money workshop and saw my past years and how money had always been like an amplifier and not the cause for any suffering or happiness, I felt light as a bird.

The reason why my relationship with money was so ambiguous in my life before was that I had turned it into the scapegoat for all the evil things in this world. Similar to my predisposition of religion when understanding spirituality, it kept me from finding my truth and understanding of reality.
With that being said I can only share my aha! Moments with you, hoping that there is any form of value you can use and benefit from. I know money is a dicey subject but in the end, it is just as much part of the Great Mystery as anything else.
In the next part of this series, we will look at unconscious oppositions that stop the flow of energy. Energy equalling money when we talk about the attraction of money.

We then use that knowledge to look at how money reflects life energy when we talk about the life we wish to create for ourselves. 
When we are able to just be with and without money and be in the flow with the coming and going is when true freedom is achieved, no matter how much or how little is flowing. The only importance in those instances is our presence and to accept the moment as it is.

If you are interested in manifesting ridiculous amounts of money in no time, don’t sign up for one of my free webinars. If you would like to gain an understanding of what money can teach us and how it helps us along the way to fulfill our purpose in life, schedule a quick call with me.

Keep on keeping on, and get your self together!