What is this Webinar Series all about?

I started the series in 2023 on a weekly basis to provide anyone interested in shamanic journeys with a place to get to know them. My clients also enjoyed the participation in addition to the program the had booked with me.

Although it is currently discontinued if you are a group of people and would like to try out a shamanic journey and you live outside of the Finmark Region in Norway, where I currently live, feel free to reach out.

What is a Shamanic Journey?

Are you curious about the art of shamanic journeys? If so, you’re in for a treat! A shamanic journey is similar to meditation, but it also has elements of a vivid dream. During this journey, you’ll explore your subconscious and connect with your higher self in a way that you never thought possible.

The shaman’s drum, which can be seen as a kind of Kanu, sets the pace for the journey. The rhythmic beat of the drum acts as a paddle, taking you into a non-ordinary reality, closely related to the dream-time. Here, you’ll discover answers to the questions that have been on your mind.

Due to the high demand for shamanic journeys and their experience, I’m excited to offer a free series of shamanic journeys through a webinar-like workshop. You can join anytime, as each experience is intended to build upon the previous one.

In this unique webinar series, among other things we’ll explore the different directions of the medicine wheel. In the past, we worked with the Medicine Trees, and after the current series of the four Elements, we will take a look at the chakras.
Get ready to experience a transformational journey that will change the way you see the world! Register now to secure your spot.

Everything has a price tag, what are your motives to offer your time so generously?

In today’s world, it’s common to connect with others only through digital means, or not at all. But whether we’ve met in person or not, the question of who I am is valid. I believe in the power of kindness and selflessness, although I know that complete selflessness is impossible to achieve. Despite this, my mission is to serve others, and the exchange of money is irrelevant when it comes to the value of this upcoming webinar.

Make no mistake, I receive energy from these interactions, often in the form of payment, but that’s not my motive. My focus is on guiding people through transformative, detailed shamanic journeys. The upcoming webinar series is my way of sharing my expertise with the world, because I know that generosity brings me immense joy.

If you’ve listened to my podcasts or interviews, you know what I’m capable of. This webinar offers the practical understanding that you might be missing. It’s an opportunity to experience the power of shamanic journeys and to gain insight into your own personal transformation.

Register today and join me on this journey of self-discovery.

Element Fire

Fire is the Element that can often be seen as a being similar to other life forms. It needs food, air to breath and depending on the circumstances it is able to reflect our energy and hold space.

We are going to visit the element of fire because it has important messages and teachings. No matter how balanced we are with fire in our lives, it is always a great teacher to spend time with.

Element Water

Water is life, we all subconsciously understand the importance of water, especially when we lack it. Water is humble and teaches us the path of least resistance. Yet there is almost nothing able to withstand the strength of water.

It carves through mountains and valleys and it’s cycle is the perfect representation for the wheel of life.


Element Earth

The element of Earth is often connected to the underworld and our roots. In other ways earth is the growth medium or substrate for all living things, especially the plant world.

Earth is also a mystic place where spiritual beings live. Earth is providing us with groundedness and support.


Element Air

The Element Air is the most impalpable element of the four. Air is often accompanied by a sense of space and flow. We learn how to let things be light and the importance of the breath as an ally.

Water and Air have many things in common yet air is less bound by gravity. It is like the other side of the coin to water in that it occupies the sky. Air is found in the North of the Medicine Wheel and is therefore connected with the ancestors and great wisdom.