The Miraculous Materialization Manifesto


Regarding the conscious Art of attracting circumstances and external things into our life, I often seek guidance from my spiritual teachers. When I am listening to Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Alan Watts, or the I Am Discourses, I feel inspired and playful about it. Many of my friends and clients also enjoy Abraham Hicks approach.

As you might imagine, the Law of Attraction is a buzzword circulating in many forms and channels online. To fulfill one’s wishes has probably always been something that human beings gravitate towards. For as long as I can remember I have played the game to imagine what I would do if I had three wishes, or alternatively a million “moneys”.

There seems to be this fascination that shows up in a love-hate kind of relationship. The way I often see it, there are two camps. Those who are living this reality and those who aren’t. When it comes to those who claim to have mastered this Art, whether they really do or parrot what circulates online and in the literature often stays unknown.

On the other side are those who, often desperately, undertake all that is taught and preached, to no avail. Relationships, health, wealth, opportunities, and happiness won’t show up. As I have written and stated in the past, I don’t claim absolute mastery, I have learned a few things on this journey, which I offer to share with the audience.

As uncomfortable as it is, the Art of manifesting, as I learned and understand it, is not a quick fix out of a life filled with gloom and lack. When the book and movie “The Secret” came out, I felt the ripple it made in the world. Since then, many things changed, and Social Media Channels are overflowing with hollow echoes of what people picked up from others. It often feels to me, they want to make themselves believe that they believe what they say. If a mere repetition or affirmations was all it takes to materialize our desires, I presume humans would have figured it out by now. During my last retreat in Canada, Kim Eng postulated that as much as she loved The Secret, this “secret” wasn’t to be unleashed on everyone. Not because of any kind of greed or vested interests. She said that many people misunderstand or are led to the wrong conclusions and that manifesting is not about magically getting every little desire fulfilled.

The Art of manifesting is contrary to the understanding of many not happening out of a shitty situation, imagining all the things we desire and need to be happy. It is the complete opposite. Only when we are aware of all the wealth and abundance already existing in our life experience are we truly connecting with the power of creation. We will dive deeper into it, but from all the things we discuss, it is important to underline the understanding that we, as separate individuals, are not manifesting anything. The Self, as in the Consciousness that underlies everything, constantly creates and expands. When we realize that we are “that” experiencing itself and expanding our Consciousness through the things we intend to have shown up in our lives, we supercharge the process. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to this process. This is why I felt sheepish enough to attempt to compile my version of a manifesting compendium, or the money-fest manifesto, as my friend named it.

To approach this article more practically, we are going through the different chapters accompanied by personal experiences and accounts. Among other things, one of my greatest intentions is to build a network of non-profit organizations, establishing sanctuaries and healing centers for people from all walks of life worldwide. If it doesn’t serve you, you can skip these parts. They are written in italics/cursive so you can easily recognize them.

The importance of our imagination and feeling that our desire is already fulfilled

The imagination is often said to be our most powerful tool in the process of conscious creation or attracting what we wish to bring into our life. This may be why I felt so drawn to shamanic journeys and the teachings my mentor passed along to our circle.
If we can not imagine it or see it happening, the likelihood of it materializing is drastically reduced. By using our imagination, we experience the fulfilled desire, simultaneously enjoying the feeling in us while inhabiting the vision.

How I apply this step: 
I frequently spend time in my imagination at the sanctuary without specific goals. Certain elements are given since we are talking about a 300-acre lot on Hawaii Island. I imagine driving the truck through the entrance. Sometimes I turn left to where the Restaurant and Café is, seeing my mom baking vegan cakes and one of my best friends conjuring up one of his Michelin-Star-like gourmet farm-to-table dishes. I see the roaster and the coffee beans, drink a cup of jamoke (coffee), and continue on the property. I go to the large community building, into the kitchen, where we prepare the meals for all the people who are staying at the refuge and start making porridge with fruits from the many plants on the property. I go upstairs and meditate in the Loft Space where the Yoga classes and workshops are held. One highlight is always witnessing the sunset standing by the ocean, maybe gearing up for a dive to swim with the Manta Rays, Turtles, and Dolphins.

This will suffice, but you get the picture. Fill the canvas with as many details and, most importantly, how you feel when you experience your vision being a reality.

Sometimes it helps to visualize a near future where the wish is already fulfilled. Be not mistaken; it is happening at this moment, only a little further down the line of linear time.
We will get to the section that inspects time, doubts and our assessment of how natural or likely we believe the materialization is for us.

So by using time in a way that we can eliminate an initial doubt to the degree that we say, it might look like a long shot where I am at right now, but I am certain it can happen in a couple of months/years. Use this method with great care and only if it seems impossible to visualize this being a reality at all. Otherwise, we incorporate an energy likened to a dangling carrot in front of the donkey’s mouth, which can never be reached. If you need to use the carrot, make sure to shorten the stick (future time), and in the best case, give some carrots that are accessible to the donkey in the here and now (gratitude).

We are not creating our dreams; we are allowing the
“Great Mystery” to let them come through

We don’t have to tell the Universe or God what we want, and through our affirmations and visualizations, we beguile it to fulfill our wishes. One of the greatest elements of conscious creation is the profound realization that we are one with everything. The Consciousness from which all forms arise is the foundation and essence of creation. We are not only connected to it; we are one with it. This however stays a shallow concept until we have experiencial “evidence” that this is so.

For lack of a better analogy, this topic can be approached likened to a Child in a store that tells their parent about an item they would like to receive. Even if you don’t have any children, you have possibly witnessed the different forms of escalation this can take. From minor mood swings to complete tamper tantrums. So depending on how our parents behaved when we wanted something, we often unconsciously recreate the manifestation process through our past experiences. 
The great difference to our analogy is that The Great Spirit not only knows our deepest desires and wishes, but I would go so far as to say that through some process that could also be called Karma, those wishes and drives have also been “put” in us by the Creator…or us on the plane of the soul…before we incarnated into this life.
So it seems ridiculous to ask, affirm, pray for, and visualize our wishes into being to send the order to the Universe in the hope of wearing it down to the point where our wish is fulfilled. I believe this is exactly why Magic, Occultism, and similar subjects have captivated humans. We know there is a recipe, some people know how to apply it and others perceive the “visible success” of their methods. Some of these masters offer to teach others how to do it. Only for some of those who learn the trade, it isn’t working, so the element of magic enters the realm. Due to the mysterious nature of the craft, some people are reputed to be wizards and witches because they have “the power“, yet this label often stems from spectators and “luckless” students.

My attempt with this article is to relate with my own words and experiences that everyone has this gift or talent. It is not in what we have to start doing to be able to create consciously but the things we have to let go of and transcend. All those layers that we need to discard so that the essence that is in each person can come through and do the “trick” for us. It is not the humans who make their dreams come true; it is those who know they are only the channel through which the “magic” flows that seem to be most aligned with the manifestation process.

There is much more to say about this, but I want to close with the heading of this section.
The vision of the sanctuary and organization is the brightest North Star in my life. For the longest time, I believed I would have to will this vision into being, bringing each brick into place, earning each Dollar, and forcing it through sheer determination and willpower.
Fortunately, the vision is quite expansive in that I had to realize at some point that I couldn’t do this on my own. This is far too big, and I am just this tiny being. The realization helped me to understand that I was entirely right. I, the person, can’t bring this into being. I can only offer to show up, serve and follow the guidance I receive. In other words, stepping aside and letting the Great Mystery unfold. I didn’t even come up with the vision in the first place. It just showed itself out of nowhere. (now-here).

Which is very much connected with the next chapter, “What is it I am here for?

Our alignment. What is it I am here for?
(The Soul Purpose for the incarnation)

If you feel in your core that there is something you showed up for in this lifetime, trust that the intelligence that is guiding everything in the Universe is capable of letting it come through you if you surrender to the process, letting go of the expectation that it will show up the way you want it to.

Dr. Wayne Dyer often used the sentence: “Don’t die with your music still in you.”
Purpose, or the reason for existing, can be a tall order. Many people do not know what it is and what they want to do with the limited time they have here on earth. 
In the book “The Death of Ivan Ilych” by Leo Tolstoy, which inspired Wayne Dyer’s statement, the protagonist’s last words before dying are: “What if my whole life has been wrong?”

I believe that purpose is similar to grace or being in love with someone. There is nothing we can do about it; it simply happens to us. Also, similar to entering a romantic relationship with someone, we can choose or say yes to it. We can commit to a purpose and say yes if it presents itself. In many cases, our purpose introduces itself to us, but because our goals and aspirations diverge from it, we discount it.

Let’s talk story:
I first encountered the vision of the sanctuary a few months before I finished my thesis, packed my backpack, and headed to the West Coast of Canada. The trip would conclude with a Vision Quest that was supposed to take place in British Columbia but got rescheduled to Death Valley in California. In the beginning of the trip, I would have been able to fly to Hawaii and spend a month there, but I ended up staying in Northern California instead.

This side-pot information is relevant because, as you already know, my vision contained Hawaii as the location for the sanctuary. I decided to override the call because I wanted to see if I could find places to trim Cannabis in Northern California instead.
The Vision Quest, for me, was a brutal experience, being sick almost the entire time in the wilderness. The (2nd) Vision that presented itself to me on the morning of the Quest, was a clear understanding that I had to move to Oslo, Norway. My mind added the subtle but crucial part: I would find fame and fortune as a musician there.

At that point in my life, I had just started a five-year commitment to do everything possible to make it as a musician. So the call to Norway sounded to me like the promised land where I would find exactly that. I didn’t, though; unknowingly, it was the beginning of a journey that contained a lot of suffering, homelessness, and transitions. It also included much beauty, healing, and opportunities to learn and let go. Fast forwarding five years, I realized my big dream of playing at festivals like Burning Man or Fusion Festival seemed more distant or even more unreachable than when I had started.

Yet while this was going on, I received a strong pull and call from Pele (Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes and Fire), who resides at Halema’uma’u Crater on the Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii Island. The journey of how I got to the Big Island of Hawaii is incredible. I didn’t have any money because I used to work minimum wage jobs to be able to play gigs and produce my music. Yet everything I needed showed up, including a tax refund that I didn’t know I would receive. After a week on Moloka’i and two weeks on Maui, I found my way to South Kona, where I was living on a coffee farm.

This was no coincidence because, at that time, my original Vision had already grown enough for me to investigate if growing coffee would be a valid way to finance the operation of the sanctuary. 
In the weeks on Hawaii Island, my “Soul Purpose” solidified more and more, including driving by the property for the sanctuary. Since I first drove by, I felt something special was there, and I am not alone. The people who stop there to enjoy the view over the land and the Pacific feel it too.

Bringing this point home to underline this chapter. 
From one point of view, I would not have needed the Vision Quest because my “purpose” had already been presented to me. But from another point of view, I was not ready to fully say yes and commit to it. So I seemed to have needed the extra rounds on the karmic wheel to be ready to listen to what the Great Spirit had been telling me for a long time.
So don’t be afraid if you don’t know your purpose or feel overwhelmed that you have to come up with it. On the principle of “ask, and it is given,” when we intend to find our calling, our vision, or our heart’s desire, it will find us even if we decide not to listen and plow through.

If you are looking for inspiration in a book that tells a beautiful story related to finding our treasure,
I invite you to check out Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist.”

Everything is happening in the present moment

I don’t know about you, but when I consider the linearity or non-linearity of time, my mind usually starts spinning. It’s a quite lovely feeling. It’s a little bit like watching a movie like “Tenet” or Cloud Atlas. Alan Watts would probably describe this feeling as similar to the impossibility of biting one’s teeth or looking into one’s own eyes. I believe our rational mind is not able to conceive of time and space because of their relativity. Additionally, considering that these dimensions are not the end, being governed by something we can only fumble in the dark makes it fun and pointless at the same time.

That being said, when we listen to what all great masters have taught, the only thing that exists is this present moment. Everything happens in the present. The past is a present moment that has been, and the future is a present moment that is a little further ahead.

So basically, events that happen in this physical reality, that we think of in linear terms are not on a timeline that is horizontal

10.000 bc —————0 ad ————— 10.000 ad.

It is probably also not ultimately true, but I see it that we have a big stack of present moments that is infinite and piled on top or below each other, just like a stack of infinite flap jacks. This way, history becomes quite interesting when we realize an event we learn about is not lying in the past and unresponsive, but it is actually happening right now with all the implications this has for our present moment (in time).

As I said, this concept is a mind-bender, and as impossible as it feels for my mind to grasp it, it seems even more difficult to bring it across in a way the reader can make any sense of it. It is important to understand that the present moment is all there is and that creation is always happening in the here and now.

When we look at the shamanic journey in relation to entering non-ordinary reality, this means to me that I am actually “time-traveling” in the sense that I am entering a point in time where healing is needed. Through my presence, I can “correct” the situation by bringing to it what is needed. When we talk about traumatizing and painful experiences, we also take care of our soul part that got lost during the occurrence and take it with us to re-integrate it into our energy body.

At some point, I had the realization that there had been moments that could have gone horribly wrong. I seemed to have a Guardian Spirit at my side. Maybe I was a guardian spirit who traveled into this situation, making sure that the car that would have killed me, encountered some kind of delay that I was able to slip through unharmed. This is just a hypothesis, but I am curious about those moments, so I keep an open eye and would like to learn more about it.

When everything is happening right now, it makes sense that through shamanic journeys, or other altered states of awareness, we can visit other present moments either further in the perceived future or the past.
When we look at creating from the end or picturing how our vision looks in its materialized form, we use the element of time to our advantage. The so-called future is showing us a possible outcome of our manifestation. In it, we can receive guidance and inspiration. 
In a supervision meeting with my mentor, we learned how to journey to the end and see what was necessary for this vision to get to this point. Which decision led to the intermediate goal, from which we followed a certain path? When we look at the causal chain of events that led to the manifestation of a significant dream or goal, we have a roadmap that assists us in following the breadcrumb trail. 
It might sound similar to making plans and setting goals from the present into the future but as subtle as the difference sounds, there is a huge difference in it.

Because we know the goal is already here, in the present moment (future in linear time), we have yet to quite catch up with it; we know what needs to be done in each moment.

One last item I would like to inspect in this chapter is that the vision of the future also shows us a self that manifests the vision. Every event that happens in our life is helping us in the form of stepping stones to become the being that is capable of holding the frequency that is needed to manifest the vision. As much as I see my vision materialize, there are some elements that are hindering the process. This brings us to an essential question in the next chapter.

What is the frequency or level of Consciousness present in us?

What is the frequency or level of Consciousness
present in us?

Are we coming from the Ego or Presence?

We touched on this earlier, but because of its importance, it is worth diving deeper. From my own experience, I can say that the question: “Why is this not working” showed up frequently for me. When I lived in Ireland in 2015, I stumbled upon the Meditation CD from Wayne Dyer called “Meditations for Manifesting.” In it, Dr. Dyer introduces us to an ancient technique called Japa. Summarizing the main elements aside from what we already discussed, we feel the energy rise from the Root Chakra to the Third-Eye Chakra. This energy, which is often referred to as Kundalini Energy, increases in its vibration the higher it comes, passing through all the other Chakras. In the Throat Chakra, we add the sound vibration by forming an “ahh” sound. So while we use our imagination to experience what we intend to manifest, we simultaneously stay connected to the rising energy in the body. That in itself sounds like an easy enough task, were there not the issue of each Chakra being either an amplifier or a bottleneck for the energy that is rising. Additionally my experience shows that holding an image of what we intend to manifest is often “diluted” by losing myself in thoughts that lead away into multiple directions.

In a way, each Chakra needs to be open to let the energy pass. So in a person that is considered to have attained Siddhi-Consciousness or Enlightenment, this manifestation technique wouldn’t even be necessary. On the opposite side of the spectrum is a person who is completely caught up in their thinking mind. It is often accompanied by suppressed pain and trauma stored in the body. So even if I am doing all that Wayne Dyer explains in the CD, if the energy reaches the Third Eye, it might take a long time, if ever, for me to manifest. In an analogy, the energy rising might be able to light up a single LED for a Christmas tree but not power a car battery, let alone provide a city block with electricity.
Coming back to:” Why is this not working for me?” The first question is almost answered because we might have to do some work on ourselves. This might involve letting go of past trauma, integrating disassociations, getting in touch and finding peace with our emotions on a regular basis, and establishing self-love and confidence in truly understanding who we are beyond form. I just mentioned a couple of things that might be related to the lower Chakras.

So you see, there are a lot of areas that might need our attention before the energy can easily rise to the Third-Eye Chakra.
This is one point of view. The other is that manifesting our heart’s desire when coming from an Ego position is a lot like; I want, I need, give me, etc. In this state, we rarely come from a place of benevolence, looking to expand and enhance Consciousness and for others to benefit from it as well. Is someone else better off now that I live in the big villa or own the Maserati that I imagine owning? This can be a dicey or hairsplitting topic because we may even want to share our wealth with others, want to be healthy to spend more time with loved ones or intend to bring about positive change in the world. So this is not an on-or-off position. 
In combination with the energy present in us, it constitutes an energy field or potential, and depending on the level of Consciousness or presence in us, it can take some time for our manifestation to materialize.

Side note: I am telling the following story from the point of view of my experience as it was. The attentive reader might notice there are quite a few things I did that I explicitly mentioned to avoid and look out for. So those have been my learnings, and I hope it helps you to realize that I didn’t arrive at these conclusions via express download.

As I mentioned before, the years after my Vision Quest presented a few challenges. Apart from applying the Japa-technique to be making music at major electronic music festivals, I kept using it to imagine I would receive 50.000€. To be honest, I can’t even remember why it was that number. I only remember I had amassed a lot of debt to pay rent in Oslo, buy music equipment, and basic necessities like food. At some point, the situation was no longer feasible, and I decided to move to Ireland instead because I was offered a job in Cork. So there I sat in my apartment, having been disgorged by Oslo, a city I loved so much yet could no longer afford to stay. I started Japa Meditations for Manifesting and worked my butt off to manifest 50.000€. I am not saying this was well done; I just had no clue and wanted the money so bad that I could return to Norway and pick up where I had left.

The money didn’t come, surprise, and because of my coping mechanisms and having chosen one of the worst jobs I’ve ever had, I moved back to Germany a year later. The debt spiral kept escalating, and I kept doing Japa to no avail. Remarkably, I kept on doing it even though I didn’t see it working, but it made me feel better to form the sounds and to go through the affirmations that Dr. Dyer presented. At that point, I had lost all hope that this would work for me. In other tapes of Wayne Dyer, some people sent letters to him, showering him with gratitude for the technique because their whole lives had changed after a couple of years. That added fuel to the fire of the narrative, “I must be doing this the wrong way.”

Even though my “request” for the money showed up from time to time, most of my attention was occupied with imagining playing my music at Fusion Festival and Burning Man. At the time, I was organizing a music festival myself, and I was in the process of producing my first 90-minute set.
So I kept producing in the evenings and nights and had my hands full with meetings, tasks, and work for the festival. This time was insane, but because our collective and all the people involved had been a wonderful family, we pulled through and materialized the festival. All the while, I kept my meditation rituals. When the festival started, we can look at it positively or negatively.

The pessimistic filter would say I played in front of 10 people while the heaviest rain was pouring down. It was in the afternoon of the first official day of the festival, and people were slowly arriving on the grounds. Almost nobody had seen me play, and my imagined fame and fortune disintegrated like a bubble.

Looking at it from a more positive standpoint, I opened up the festival that my heart, blood, and tears had gone into; I played the main stage with a sound system that can be likened to a Ferrari in sports cars terms. Many people had been out of view, covered by tents, our Bar Buildings, and the Communal Kitchen. All that aside, I still remember the feeling I had when I fade-in the bass track at the beginning of the set. Adding one more element to this part of the story, when people ask me if I had the chance to revisit an experience in my life, I always say I would love to experience this festival one more time. It has been the most beautiful, loving, and magical event I have encountered in my life, and I was blessed enough to play one of my very first sets there. I kid you not; this might not have been Burning Man, but it was something much more valuable in hindsight. I only didn’t see it until many years later.

This is why this story doesn’t end here. I was still under the impression that Japa wasn’t working for me. In February 2018, I flew back to Hawaii. Inspired by the Pacific Ocean and the Sunrises I was fortunate to observe, I vowed to do Japa every morning and kept that vow except for minor interruptions to this day.

Fast Forward to the year 2021. After the Covid-Hiatus that got imposed on the world, keeping me from returning to Hawaii, I booked my tickets to Kona. My money situation had changed in the meantime but only because of the generosity of the lender and not because I had made any progress on repayments. I had planned to save money in my job, but that had not gone too well because I still worked on minimum wages.
Now we come to the part of the story everyone has been waiting for, or maybe it is just me who is waiting with disbelief for the climax of such stories where the miracle happens. Through an early inheritance the moneys I had imagined to receive for such a long time showed up. Tadda!
Yet it took me a similar amount of time to connect it back to my meditation for manifesting.

Bringing it back to where we started, what has my story to do with the question of whether we are coming from a state of Ego or Presence? My spiritual journey has led me through many challenges, especially with money. As self-created as these struggles had been, money had taught me valuable lessons. It was when I started to surrender and accept that money is not the root of all evil but one of the most prominent teachers in my life. In a way, if we allow it, our external experiences and challenges are helping us to chisel away the excess of who we aren’t, helping the light to shine through us and let go of ego-identification.

As difficult as it might be to acknowledge, my meditations for manifesting had very egocentric goals. Fame as a Musician, standing on large stages, and receiving recognition and appreciation for my music [replace the word music with “self”].
Receiving money so that I could live in a city that might have had a different purpose than the one I wanted to accept.
So in all those ways, I wonder if I am coming from an ego perspective or if I am aligned with my highest Self in bringing my light into this world.
With all the twists and turns in this chapter, the bottom line is this: Keep on keeping on with your manifestation practice. Even if we come from a self-centered place, we are always guided. By incrementally raising the frequency, we are subtly shifting, often only noticing when we are looking in the rearview mirror. Even if it is not what we saw in our imagination, we get the feeling that it had been the right thing or teaching.

A beautiful realization for everyone is seeing that life is not happening to us but for us. 
One of Albert Einstein’s famous quotes is: “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

Does my vision or dream feel natural to me?

I borrowed this question from one of the talks Wayne Dyer gave. I added it because I never considered it before. There has been a doubt in me and, at times, quite a lot, but the vision itself and my intention to devote my life force or mana to it always came naturally to me. 

Looking at the question more closely, what does it imply? Dr. Dyer talks about a conversation where a reporter expressed doubt about the power to consciously create everything we “want.” If this were the case, the reporter said, he would be able to become a linebacker for the New York Giants. 
Wayne answered if it felt natural for the man to be playing that position. 
(The reporter being a tiny man compared to the weight and height the players usually brought to the field)
The reporter said it didn’t feel natural to him.

So if I may come up with my version to underline the point. When we say everything is possible to manifest in this world, that is inherently true, but limitations still bind us. The degree to how much they bind us is determined by how naturally it feels to us that this vision is going to materialize.

For a long time, I believed I couldn’t build a sanctuary in Hawaii because I did not possess a green card or work permit. This is just a false narrative because there are ways and people constantly immigrate. Similar to all the other points I mentioned, I needed to realize that, actually, it is easy to get my hands on a visa that would allow me to work in the United States. All it takes is to set up a business or invest a certain amount of money. This was not the only way, but suddenly I realized the roadblock I had created. Now I see it as another item on a journey of many things that are aligning.

The double-edged sword of doubt

Whether we look at the English Word doubt or the German Zweifel, we can observe that there is the element of two in it. Doubt contains double, and Zweifel has the actual number two in its root.
What does this tell us about the meaning behind it? It means that there are two energies present. The inherent nature of this means that as long as both energies are present, they cancel each other out. Just like opposing waves can cancel each other out. That alone is valuable information because we can realize that this is keeping the form we seek to manifest from coming into being. It also means that when we integrate this knowledge and apply doubt as a helper rather than an obstruction, we can amplify the energy extensively.

The natural question that follows is how to bring about this change. Many people would say they don’t choose doubt, it is simply showing up, and they can’t help but feel incapacitated by it.
The first thing we need to find peace with is the fact that doubt is present. Letting go of the concept that it has to be gone or gotten rid of. One of my former business coaches had a beautiful way of looking at doubt. She said whenever doubt is present, we can be sure we are out of our comfort zone and that we are growing. 
We begin to see doubt as an indicator of growth and that we are dealing with a natural occurrence of being in unknown territories. Basically, our Consciousness expands, and we can choose to calm down and accept it as a byproduct of this process.

This has great importance because we then realize that doubt is not something we overcome once. Rather than wanting to get rid of it, we learn to work with it. How we work with it is the second part, returning to that double energy we discussed earlier.

I remember from one of Abraham Hicks’ teachings about manifesting that it was said the current experience is what keeps most people from materializing wealth, health, or any other experience.
So one way of working with the energy is when we look at the pieces that are missing. This is where doubt often comes in as a negative amplifier, often spiraling downward in a vicious circle.

Depending on the level of our obsession or wanting, the experience can become quite bitter and frustrating.
On the other hand, we can let go of the notion that there are any missing pieces. Depending on our journey and experiences, chances are we made significant changes, and the way our life used to be varies drastically from how it is now. Even if you think your past to have been “paradisiacal” and your current situation seems like you’ve hit rock bottom, there are gems to be found when you let go of the negative story you keep telling yourself.

When doubt is present, ask yourself: “What am I able to control at this moment?”
 The only thing we are able to consciously choose is where we place our focus and how we think and feel about our current situation or experience.
I can choose to acknowledge all the good things that my current situation is presenting and be grateful for them, or I can focus and expand on the limitations, negative parts, and all the lack I perceive. We often hear: “What we focus on expands.” So doubt in itself is neither good nor bad; it is just an indicator of two energies being present. It can serve as a very helpful tool to become aware of this duality. We can either consciously choose gratitude for all that is already present in our life. I mentioned it before, but it is worth repeating; creation happens through elevated states of Consciousness and the raised frequency at which we are vibrating. We can not create when we come from an attitude of lack and low vibration.

Our only responsibility when doubt shows up is to interrupt the pattern of looking at what is missing and what has yet to happen. We consciously shift our attention to all the good things that have already materialized and use our focus to expand what we intend to manifest, knowing it is already on its way. Similar to a flywheel or mill wheel, the beginning is usually the hardest, when it almost feels like our effort is not able to move the wheel an inch. Yet, if we keep at it, it becomes easier and easier.

The causal chain of creation is Thought-Word-Action. In other words, what we think about, we express through our words, and what we speak about, we put into action. We get to choose if we think, speak, and act in ways that are aligned with our dreams or in opposition to them.

The saying “When in doubt, don’t go out” doesn’t only apply to swimming in the ocean. It can be used as a great reminder. If you are not able to focus your attention on something positive in your current experience and to feel grateful, stop what you’re doing and become still. Rather than defaulting to some sort of gloomy prognosis of the future. Talking about and acting on it is only adding energy to what we don’t want. Become aware of how you are feeling at this moment and drop all the labels. This is a pretty advanced technique because often times we need to realize that feeling what is currently present is very different from perpetuating the story our thoughts are constructing.

If pressure to earn money, to find a new place to live, or to deal with a conflict in a relationship creates a narrative in your mind, it is important to feel the underlying emotion. 

To wrap this up, I just want to encourage you by saying if doubt is present and you are aware of it, you are more than halfway towards manifesting your dream or vision. Don’t let it deter you or frighten you into looking in the “wrong” direction. Stay present and keep your vibration as high as you can. Often times this includes shining a light on the underlying emotions. They, too, are guides and helpers on your path to creating your heart’s desires and helping you grow and shine your light.

The Art of Focused Surrender

This Art in itself feels like a synopsis of living a meaningful life. So far, we looked at many ways of how we can focus our energy and manifest our dreams. It is equally important to let go and surrender to the Universe. As stated before, we, as people or humans, are not manifesting anything. We become the conduit through which our visions express themselves in physical reality.

When we look at how limited our mental ability is to understand the complexity and interrelatedness of life in its physical form, let alone to contemplate Consciousness as the underlying intelligence and expression of form, one thing should be obvious. Our rational intelligence is infinitesimal and also heavily influenced by the dimension of space and time. We can come up with the most sophisticated ways of planning, yet if the element of surrendering to the higher/governing intelligence of the Universe is missing, it all falls down like a house of cards if one variable changes or something unforeseen arises.

The Art of Focused Surrender means we focus our attention on our goal through imagination and our feelings and by raising the frequency. Then we are consciously letting go. We trust that the intelligence that perfectly guides the creation process in each moment is also more than capable of bringing our dreams and visions from the vibrational form of thought into physical form.

The letting go, and surrendering aspect can not be faked or cut short. Most often, we hear from people who have been obsessively looking for a partner to no avail. When they let go and surrendered to being by themselves because they just had enough, no longer needing a partner, did things turn quite miraculously around.
Part of this surrendering process is also letting go of the expectation of receiving what we would like to manifest. In our example of finding a partner, the people didn’t say: “I am letting go of finding a partner because then they will show up.”
When we surrender, we surrender one hundred percent. Whether it takes a month, a year, a lifetime, or might not ever materialize, it doesn’t make a difference.
The Art of Focused Surrender is an advanced “tool” because often times when we surrender and let go, we also disengage our energy from the process. It is a paradox of using all the different ways to manifest our dreams while simultaneously having no expectation of the outcome. I don’t know if I am able to bring across the subtlety of the surrendering process. 
No expectation contains all possibilities yet having no investment in the outcome, while using all the steps we mentioned above.

What it comes down to in the end is trust. “The Great Spirit will provide me with everything that I need in each moment.” Trusting we are guided and that we don’t have to manage all the circumstances and details of our life. We can stay present in each moment, knowing everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be. 
Contrary to our beliefs, challenges, and resistances are also part of this, and they are stepping stones towards manifesting our dreams.

In my LIFE program, the last journey we complete is the journey to the river of Life, where we experience the Art of Focused Surrender and how it helps us to know we are always in the right place at the right time. Always connected to the source even when we are under the impression that we are separate from it.

The Meditations for Manifesting “curiously enough” has two meditations. The already mentioned Japa Meditation to manifest our dreams. The second “evening” meditation helps us to let go and surrender. To be grateful for all we have and everything we already are.

This brings us to the last chapter of this manifesto. Gratitude is the portal we encounter on our way to our dreams.

Gratitude is the portal we encounter
on our way to our dreams

Similar to many of the things we have inspected thus far, a lot has been said about gratitude.

I had a peculiar learning about gratitude through hindsight that helps me to remember how fleeting our experiences are and to be grateful for this present moment. 
Some years back, I found a birthday card for my brother that said something along the lines of: 
”Ten years from now, we’ll look back and think how wonderful the time and experiences have been. Be aware that this time is right now.”

In addition to the birthday card, I experienced this realization at the end of my stint in Mainz, Germany. After having gone through many disappointments and having been exposed to two years of lockdowns in a new City, I was more than ready to get the hell out.
I had moved to Mainz to be closer to my best friends so that we could enjoy each other’s company in a phase where neither of us had kids or any other major responsibilities.
So when I arrived in the Rhein-Main Area straight from Hawaii, I was thrilled to have found an apartment that was literally a stone cast away from one of my friends. 
To make a long story short, the friend who lived down the road from met a new partner and disappeared from the map. My other friend entered into one of the most gruesome periods in his life called Referendariat, a.k.a. teacher training. So he too, almost disappeared from the map except for occasions when he took short breaks and asked me to meet with him in the park close by.

On my way to one of those meetings, I had a realization.

I had moved to Mainz to be closer to my friends. As difficult and unfortunate as those years had been, I was on my way to meet with my friend, and it wouldn’t be long before I was moving to Norway, and even those short meetings would apply to what the birthday card had said.
So rather than being pissed that the meeting was too short and my share of the conversation was limited to witnessing complaints and anger, I said to myself I am going to enjoy spending time with my friend because I don’t know how much time we have together before I move.

My opinion might be wrong, but I feel like every person needs to witness at least a couple of examples where we wish we could go back to a certain point in time because, at the time, we didn’t realize how precious it was.
So gratitude for the present moment is the doorway we walk through on our way to our dreams. We can not get there any other way because as soon as we complain and resist the present moment, wishing it to be different in the near future, we’re back to the donkey and carrot example we spoke of at the beginning of this manifesto.

The difficulty is in developing gratitude for things we habitually overlook.

When we take a drastic example. Imagine your dreams and wishes and what you intend to manifest in your life. This is the most important thing for you, and you wish it with all your heart. 
You created a vision board, affirmed your vision on a daily basis, absorbed all the materials from all kinds of masters, and implemented what they suggested.
Now imagine you wake up and the country you’re living in has either declared war or has been invaded by a foreign army. Tanks and Heavy Artillery start rolling, and bombs are dropping from the sky.

I am not saying your dreams and visions become irrelevant. All I am saying is that while we are often completely absorbed by what is missing in our life, we overlook other things that are only recognized in their importance and value when they are no longer there.

Gratitude is a wonderful teacher in helping us shift our focus and to slow down. What is it in this moment that I am grateful for? Something that I have overlooked quite often. 
For me, it is the stillness and quiet of the place where I am currently living. Having lived in Cities since I graduated from High School, it is amazing to sleep with open windows and be woken up by the birds in the morning.

Finishing this last chapter, I would like to re-emphasize that if you are unable to be grateful in the present moment, even if it is the most minuscule detail, the manifestation of your dreams will become an endless pursuit of “happiness,” even with all your wishes coming true. On the other hand, when we walk through the portal of gratitude, our life is filled with joy, appreciation, and love for the things we are experiencing right here, right now. Even if our dreams end up changing, go up in smoke, or simply don’t materialize, the quality of having lived a life in gratitude versus disappointment and complaint is inconceivable.


We explored various aspects of conscious creation and manifestation. We delved into the importance of aligning our consciousness with our desires, recognizing the power of the present moment, understanding the role of doubt and surrender, and embracing gratitude as a transformative force.

The process of conscious creation involves tapping into our innate connection with the universe, realizing that we are conduits through which our visions can manifest. It requires focusing our energy, imagination, and emotions on our goals while simultaneously surrendering to the higher intelligence at work.

Doubt, although perceived as an obstacle, can actually be viewed as an indicator of growth and a catalyst for change. By shifting our perspective and integrating doubt as a helpful tool, we can amplify our energy and overcome limitations.

Surrendering and letting go are crucial elements in the manifestation journey. By releasing expectations and embracing trust, we open ourselves to the guidance of the universe. The art of focused surrender involves maintaining our focus on our goals while detaching from the outcome, allowing the process to unfold naturally.

Gratitude serves as a powerful portal to our dreams. It redirects our attention to the present moment and helps us appreciate what we often overlook. By cultivating gratitude, we shift from complaint and resistance to joy, appreciation, and love for our current experiences.

In conclusion, the path of conscious creation involves a harmonious blend of focused intention, surrender, trust, and gratitude. By understanding and embracing these key aspects, we can navigate the journey of manifesting our dreams with greater clarity, fulfillment, and alignment with the higher forces at play.

I hope this manifesto turned out to be of value in some way or other. It is my sincerest wish and mission to help others to fulfill their dreams. I also know that the dreams we start with might not accompany us to the end of our journey and that is also the way it is supposed to be. These so-called pilot-dreams help us through certain phases of our evolution in order to connect with the dreams behind the dreams.

So whether I wish you that all your dreams may come true, or that you may live the life that is waiting for you, is up to you and the path that you’re currently on.

No matter what, keep on keeping on because as we all know, the journey has just begun!