Everything is happening in the present moment

I don’t know about you, but when I consider the linearity or non-linearity of time, my mind usually starts spinning. It’s a quite lovely feeling. It’s a little bit like watching a movie like “Tenet” or Cloud Atlas. Alan Watts would probably describe this feeling as similar to the impossibility of biting one’s teeth or looking into one’s own eyes. I believe our rational mind is not able to conceive of time and space because of their relativity. Additionally, considering that these dimensions are not the end, being governed by something we can only fumble in the dark makes it fun and pointless at the same time.

That being said, when we listen to what all great masters have taught, the only thing that exists is this present moment. Everything happens in the present. The past is a present moment that has been, and the future is a present moment that is a little further ahead.

So basically, events that happen in this physical reality, that we think of in linear terms are not on a timeline that is horizontal

10.000 bc —————0 ad ————— 10.000 ad.

It is probably also not ultimately true, but I see it that we have a big stack of present moments that is infinite and piled on top or below each other, just like a stack of infinite flap jacks. This way, history becomes quite interesting when we realize an event we learn about is not lying in the past and unresponsive, but it is actually happening right now with all the implications this has for our present moment (in time).

As I said, this concept is a mind-bender, and as impossible as it feels for my mind to grasp it, it seems even more difficult to bring it across in a way the reader can make any sense of it. It is important to understand that the present moment is all there is and that creation is always happening in the here and now.

When we look at the shamanic journey in relation to entering non-ordinary reality, this means to me that I am actually “time-traveling” in the sense that I am entering a point in time where healing is needed. Through my presence, I can “correct” the situation by bringing to it what is needed. When we talk about traumatizing and painful experiences, we also take care of our soul part that got lost during the occurrence and take it with us to re-integrate it into our energy body.

At some point, I had the realization that there had been moments that could have gone horribly wrong. I seemed to have a Guardian Spirit at my side. Maybe I was a guardian spirit who traveled into this situation, making sure that the car that would have killed me, encountered some kind of delay that I was able to slip through unharmed. This is just a hypothesis, but I am curious about those moments, so I keep an open eye and would like to learn more about it.

When everything is happening right now, it makes sense that through shamanic journeys, or other altered states of awareness, we can visit other present moments either further in the perceived future or the past.
When we look at creating from the end or picturing how our vision looks in its materialized form, we use the element of time to our advantage. The so-called future is showing us a possible outcome of our manifestation. In it, we can receive guidance and inspiration. 
In a supervision meeting with my mentor, we learned how to journey to the end and see what was necessary for this vision to get to this point. Which decision led to the intermediate goal, from which we followed a certain path? When we look at the causal chain of events that led to the manifestation of a significant dream or goal, we have a roadmap that assists us in following the breadcrumb trail. 
It might sound similar to making plans and setting goals from the present into the future but as subtle as the difference sounds, there is a huge difference in it.

Because we know the goal is already here, in the present moment (future in linear time), we have yet to quite catch up with it; we know what needs to be done in each moment.

One last item I would like to inspect in this chapter is that the vision of the future also shows us a self that manifests the vision. Every event that happens in our life is helping us in the form of stepping stones to become the being that is capable of holding the frequency that is needed to manifest the vision. As much as I see my vision materialize, there are some elements that are hindering the process. This brings us to an essential question in the next chapter.

What is the frequency or level of Consciousness present in us?