Regarding the conscious Art of attracting circumstances and external things into our life, I often seek guidance from my spiritual teachers. When I am listening to Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Alan Watts, or the I Am Discourses, I feel inspired and playful about it. Many of my friends and clients also enjoy Abraham Hicks’ approach.
 As you might imagine, the Law of Attraction is a buzzword circulating in many forms and channels online. To fulfill one’s wishes has probably always been something that human beings gravitate towards. For as long as I can remember I have played the game to imagine what I would do if I had three wishes, or alternatively a million “moneys”.
There seems to be this fascination that shows up in a love-hate kind of relationship. The way I often see it, there are two camps. Those who are living this reality and those who aren’t. When it comes to those who claim to have mastered this Art, whether really do or are only repeating what circulates online and in the literature is something we can only speculate about.
On the other side are those who, often desperately, undertake all that is taught and preached, to no avail. Relationships, health, wealth, opportunities, and happiness won’t show up. As I have written and stated in the past, I don’t claim mastery, yet I have learned a few things on this journey, which I want to share with the audience.

As uncomfortable as it is, the Art of manifesting, as I learned and understand it, is not a quick fix out of a life filled with gloom and lack. When the book and movie “The Secret” came out, I felt the ripple it made in the world. Since then, many things changed, and Social Media Channels are overflowing with ruminations of what people picked up from others. It often feels to me, they want to make themselves believe that they believe what they say. 
If a mere repetition or affirmations was all it takes to materialize our desires, I presume humans would have figured it out by now. During my last retreat in Canada, Kim Eng postulated that as much as she loved The Secret, this wasn’t to be unleashed on everyone. Not because of any kind of greed or vested interests. She said that many people misunderstand or are led to the wrong conclusions and that manifesting is not about magically getting every little desire fulfilled.

The Art of manifesting is contrary to the understanding of many not happening out of a shitty situation, imagining all the things we desire and need to be happy. It is the complete opposite. Only when we are aware of all the wealth and abundance already existing in our life experience are we truly connecting with the power of creation. We will dive deeper into it, but from all the things we discuss, it is important to underline the understanding that we, as separate individuals, are not manifesting anything. The Self, as in the Consciousness that underlies everything, constantly creates and expands. When we realize that we are “that” experiencing itself and expanding our Consciousness through the things we intend to have shown up in our lives, we supercharge the process. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to this process. This is why I felt sheepish enough to attempt to compile my version of a manifesting compendium, or the money-fest manifesto, as my friend named it.

To approach this article more practically, we are going through the different chapters accompanied by personal experiences and accounts. Among other things, one of my greatest intentions is to build a network of non-profit organizations, establishing sanctuaries and healing centers for people from all walks of life worldwide.
If it doesn’t serve you, you can skip these parts. They are written in italics/cursive so you can easily recognize them.