The importance of our imagination and feeling that our desire is already fulfilled

The imagination is often said to be our most powerful tool in the process of conscious creation or attracting what we wish to bring into our life. This may be why I felt so drawn to shamanic journeys and the teachings my mentor passed along to our circle.
If we can not imagine it or see it happening, the likelihood of it materializing is reduced to a large extent. By using our imagination, we experience the fulfilled desire, simultaneously enjoying the feeling in us while inhabiting the vision.

How I apply this step: โ€จI frequently spend time in my imagination at the sanctuary without specific goals. Certain elements are given since we are talking about a 300-acre lot on Hawaii Island. I imagine driving the truck through the entrance. Sometimes I turn left to where the Restaurant and Cafรฉ is, seeing my mom baking vegan cakes and one of my best friends conjuring up one of his Michelin-Star-like gourmet farm-to-table dishes. I see the roaster and the coffee beans, drink a cup of jamoke (coffee), and continue on the property. I go to the large community building, into the kitchen, where we prepare the meals for all the people who are staying at the refuge and start making porridge with fruits from the many plants on the property. I go upstairs and meditate in the Loft Space where the Yoga classes and workshops are held. One highlight is always witnessing the sunset standing by the ocean, maybe gearing up for a dive to swim with the Manta Rays, Turtles, and Dolphins.

This will suffice, but you get the picture. Fill the canvas with as many details and, most importantly, how you feel when you experience your vision being a reality.

Sometimes it helps to visualize a near future where the wish is already fulfilled. Be not mistaken; it is happening at this moment, only a little further down the line of linear time.
We will get to the section that inspects doubts and our assessment of how natural or likely we believe the materialization is for us.

So by using time in a way that we can eliminate an initial doubt to the degree that we say, it might look like a long shot where I am at right now, but I am certain it can happen in a couple of months/years. Use this method with care and only if it seems impossible to visualize this being a reality at all. Otherwise, we incorporate an energy likened to a dangling carrot in front of the donkey’s mouth, which can never be reached. If you need to use the carrot, make sure to shorten the stick (time and future), and in the best case, give some carrots that are accessible to the donkey from time to time : )