The Art of Focused Surrender

This Art in itself feels like a synopsis of living a meaningful life. So far, we looked at many ways of how we can focus our energy and manifest our dreams. It is equally important to let go and surrender to the Universe. As stated before, we, as people or humans, are not manifesting anything. We become the conduit through which our visions express themselves in physical reality.

When we look at how limited our mental ability is to understand the complexity and interrelatedness of life in its physical form, let alone to contemplate Consciousness as the underlying intelligence and expression of form, one thing should be obvious. Our rational intelligence is infinitesimal and also heavily influenced by the dimension of space and time. We can come up with the most sophisticated ways of planning, yet if the element of surrendering to the higher/governing intelligence of the Universe is missing, it all falls down like a house of cards if one variable changes or something unforeseen arises.

The Art of Focused Surrender means we focus our attention on our goal through imagination and our feelings and by raising the frequency. Then we are consciously letting go. We trust that the intelligence that perfectly guides the creation process in each moment is also more than capable of bringing our dreams and visions from the vibrational form of thought into physical form.

The letting go, and surrendering aspect can not be faked or cut short. Most often, we hear from people who have been obsessively looking for a partner to no avail. When they let go and surrendered to being by themselves because they just had enough, no longer needing a partner, did things turn quite miraculously around.
Part of this surrendering process is also letting go of the expectation of receiving what we would like to manifest. In our example of finding a partner, the people didn’t say: “I am letting go of finding a partner because then they will show up.”
When we surrender, we surrender one hundred percent. Whether it takes a month, a year, a lifetime, or might not ever materialize, it doesn’t make a difference.
The Art of Focused Surrender is an advanced “tool” because often times when we surrender and let go, we also disengage our energy from the process. It is a paradox of using all the different ways to manifest our dreams while simultaneously having no expectation of the outcome. I don’t know if I am able to bring across the subtlety of the surrendering process. 
No expectation contains all possibilities yet having no investment in the outcome, while using all the steps we mentioned above.

What it comes down to in the end is trust. “The Great Spirit will provide me with everything that I need in each moment.” Trusting we are guided and that we don’t have to manage all the circumstances and details of our life. We can stay present in each moment, knowing everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be. 
Contrary to our beliefs, challenges, and resistances are also part of this, and they are stepping stones towards manifesting our dreams.

In my LIFE program, the last journey we complete is the journey to the river of Life, where we experience the Art of Focused Surrender and how it helps us to know we are always in the right place at the right time. Always connected to the source even when we are under the impression that we are separate from it.

The Meditations for Manifesting “curiously enough” has two meditations. The already mentioned Japa Meditation to manifest our dreams. The second “evening” meditation helps us to let go and surrender. To be grateful for all we have and everything we already are.

This brings us to the last chapter of this manifesto. Gratitude is the portal we encounter on our way to our dreams.