The double-edged sword of doubt

Whether we look at the English Word doubt or the German Zweifel, we can observe that there is the element of two in it. Doubt contains double, and Zweifel has the actual number two in its root.
What does this tell us about the meaning behind it? It means that there are two energies present. The inherent nature of this means that as long as both energies are present, they cancel each other out. Just like opposing waves can cancel each other out. That alone is valuable information because we can realize that this is keeping the form we seek to manifest from coming into being. It also means that when we integrate this knowledge and apply doubt as a helper rather than an obstruction, we can amplify the energy extensively.

The natural question that follows is how to bring about this change. Many people would say they don’t choose doubt, it is simply showing up, and they can’t help but feel incapacitated by it.
The first thing we need to find peace with is the fact that doubt is present. Letting go of the concept that it has to be gone or gotten rid of. One of my former business coaches had a beautiful way of looking at doubt. She said whenever doubt is present, we can be sure we are out of our comfort zone and that we are growing. 
We begin to see doubt as an indicator of growth and that we are dealing with a natural occurrence of being in unknown territories. Basically, our Consciousness expands, and we can choose to calm down and accept it as a byproduct of this process.

This has great importance because we then realize that doubt is not something we overcome once. Rather than wanting to get rid of it, we learn to work with it. How we work with it is the second part, returning to that double energy we discussed earlier.

I remember from one of Abraham Hicks’ teachings about manifesting that it was said the current experience is what keeps most people from materializing wealth, health, or any other experience.
So one way of working with the energy is when we look at the pieces that are missing. This is where doubt often comes in as a negative amplifier, often spiraling downward in a vicious circle.

Depending on the level of our obsession or wanting, the experience can become quite bitter and frustrating.
On the other hand, we can let go of the notion that there are any missing pieces. Depending on our journey and experiences, chances are we made significant changes, and the way our life used to be varies drastically from how it is now. Even if you think your past to have been “paradisiacal” and your current situation seems like you’ve hit rock bottom, there are gems to be found when you let go of the negative story you keep telling yourself.

When doubt is present, ask yourself: “What am I able to control at this moment?”
 The only thing we are able to consciously choose is where we place our focus and how we think and feel about our current situation or experience.
I can choose to acknowledge all the good things that my current situation is presenting and be grateful for them, or I can focus and expand on the limitations, negative parts, and all the lack I perceive. We often hear: “What we focus on expands.” So doubt in itself is neither good nor bad; it is just an indicator of two energies being present. It can serve as a very helpful tool to become aware of this duality. We can either consciously choose gratitude for all that is already present in our life. I mentioned it before, but it is worth repeating; creation happens through elevated states of Consciousness and the raised frequency at which we are vibrating. We can not create when we come from an attitude of lack and low vibration.

Our only responsibility when doubt shows up is to interrupt the pattern of looking at what is missing and what has yet to happen. We consciously shift our attention to all the good things that have already materialized and use our focus to expand what we intend to manifest, knowing it is already on its way. Similar to a flywheel or mill wheel, the beginning is usually the hardest, when it almost feels like our effort is not able to move the wheel an inch. Yet, if we keep at it, it becomes easier and easier.

The causal chain of creation is Thought-Word-Action. In other words, what we think about, we express through our words, and what we speak about, we put into action. We get to choose if we think, speak, and act in ways that are aligned with our dreams or in opposition to them.

The saying “When in doubt, don’t go out” doesn’t only apply to swimming in the ocean. It can be used as a great reminder. If you are not able to focus your attention on something positive in your current experience and to feel grateful, stop what you’re doing and become still. Rather than defaulting to some sort of gloomy prognosis of the future. Talking about and acting on it is only adding energy to what we don’t want. Become aware of how you are feeling at this moment and drop all the labels. This is a pretty advanced technique because often times we need to realize that feeling what is currently present is very different from perpetuating the story our thoughts are constructing.

If pressure to earn money, to find a new place to live, or to deal with a conflict in a relationship creates a narrative in your mind, it is important to feel the underlying emotion. 

To wrap this up, I just want to encourage you by saying if doubt is present and you are aware of it, you are more than halfway towards manifesting your dream or vision. Don’t let it deter you or frighten you into looking in the “wrong” direction. Stay present and keep your vibration as high as you can. Often times this includes shining a light on the underlying emotions. They, too, are guides and helpers on your path to creating your heart’s desires and helping you grow and shine your light.