We are not creating our dreams; we are allowing the
“Great Mystery” to let them come through

We don’t have to tell the Universe or God what we want, and through our affirmations and visualizations, we beguile it to fulfill our wishes. One of the greatest elements of conscious creation is the profound realization that we are one with everything. The Consciousness from which all forms arise is the foundation and essence of creation. We are not only connected to it; we are it.

For lack of a better analogy, how this topic is often approached can be likened to a Child in a store that tells their parent about an item they would like to receive. Even if you don’t have any children, you have likely witnessed the different forms of escalation this can take. From minor mood swings to complete tamper tantrums. So depending on how our parents behaved when we wanted something, we often unconsciously liken the manifestation process to our past experiences. 
The great difference to our analogy is that The Great Spirit not only knows our deepest desires and wishes, but I would go so far as to say that through some unknown process that could also be called Karma, those wishes and drives have also been “put” in us by the Creator…or us on the plane of the soul…before we incarnated into this life.
So it seems ridiculous to ask, affirm, pray for, and visualize our wishes into being to send the order to the Universe in the hope of wearing the Universe down to the point where our wish is fulfilled. I believe this is exactly why Magic, Occultism, and similar subjects have always captivated humans. We know there is a recipe, some people know how to apply it, and because they have visible success with their methods, they teach others how to do it. Only for those who learn the trade, more often than not, it isn’t working, so the element of magic enters the realm. Some people are turned into wizards and witches because they have the power, whereas others don’t.

My attempt with this article is to relate with my own words and experiences that everyone has this gift or talent. It is not in what we have to start doing to be able to create consciously but the things we have to let go of and transcend. All those layers that we need to discard so that the essence that is in each person can come through and do the “trick” for us. It is not the humans who make their dreams come true; it is those who know they are only the channel through which the “magic” flows that seem to be most aligned with the manifestation process.

There is much more to say about this, but I want to close with the heading of this section.
The vision of the sanctuary and organization is the brightest North Star in my life. For the longest time, I believed I would have to will this vision into being, bringing each brick into place, earning each Dollar, and forcing it through sheer determination and willpower.
Fortunately, the vision is quite expansive in that I had to realize at some point that I couldn’t do this on my own. This is far too big, and I am just this tiny being. The realization helped me to understand that I was entirely right. I, the person, can’t bring this into being. I can only offer to show up, serve and follow the guidance I receive. In other words, stepping aside and letting the Great Mystery unfold. I didn’t even come up with the vision in the first place. It just showed itself out of nowhere. (now-here).

Which is very much connected with the next chapter, “What is it I am here for?”