Does my vision or dream feel natural to me?

I borrowed this question from one of the talks Wayne Dyer gave. I added it because I never considered it before. There has been a doubt in me and, at times, quite a lot, but the vision itself and my intention to devote my life force or mana to it always came naturally to me. 

Looking at the question more closely, what does it imply? Dr. Dyer talks about a conversation where a reporter expressed doubt about the power to consciously create everything we “want.” If this were the case, the reporter said, he would be able to become a linebacker for the New York Giants. 
Wayne answered if it felt natural for the man to be playing that position. 
(The reporter being a tiny man compared to the weight and height the players usually brought to the field)
The reporter said it didn’t feel natural to him.

So if I may come up with my version to underline the point. When we say everything is possible to manifest in this world, that is inherently true, but limitations still bind us. The degree to how much they bind us is determined by how naturally it feels to us that this vision is going to materialize.

For a long time, I believed I couldn’t build a sanctuary in Hawaii because I did not possess a green card or work permit. This is just a false narrative because there are ways and people constantly immigrate. Similar to all the other points I mentioned, I needed to realize that, actually, it is easy to get my hands on a visa that would allow me to work in the United States. All it takes is to set up a business or invest a certain amount of money. This was not the only way, but suddenly I realized the roadblock I had created. Now I see it as another item on a journey of many things that are aligning.