I wrote a little something on the topic of manifestation in a previous post.

I realize that some readers might be intrigued while others might be deterred by the esoteric spin that such concepts generate. This site and my articles aren’t meant to explore the co-creation process as a main subject. However, because everything is connected, I might dive into those kinds of topics from time to time. On the other hand, in the end it will be a little clearer as to why self-development and the achievement of one’s aims in life seem to belong together.

For me, personally, manifesting certain aspects of my life was frustrating because at times it was like having something on the tip of my tongue. Occasionally I seemed to be flowing through time and space and things just aligned themselves right in front of me. At other times (most of the time), I felt like I was making no progress. One example was when I moved to Cologne in 2016. After years of total devotion to the fulfillment of my dreams, I was back where I had started – in debt and demoralized because I had fallen short in making it in Oslo and in Ireland as well.

The question was: Why was the fulfillment of my heart’s desire still not any closer than it had been when I’d embarked on the conscious journey of manifesting my dreams? It is safe to say that my self-criticism had gotten the best of me at times. Coupled with a tendency to focus on the negative, this might explain why I felt like nothing had happened when, in truth, I’d taken many steps.

When I lived in Cork, I started meditating with an audiobook/guided meditation by Wayne Dyer, called Meditations for Manifesting. After I picked up the habit again it felt like something had changed. I can’t express what exactly because almost a year and a half had gone by since I moved to Cologne. I also finished reading a book I had started in Cork. In It’s Never Crowded Along the Extra Mile, also by Wayne Dyer, the author points out some elements, which he says are crucial for attracting the things we hope to manifest in our lives. In one chapter of the book, he mentions that we are able to step into this process only when our own vibration is above a certain threshold. The threshold is the state a person is in and the quality of the thoughts that shape that person’s reality.

To make it a little clearer, follow the link to a map of consciousness by David R. Hawkins. 
Let’s say I embodied the energetic equivalent of desire when I first expressed my hopes and dreams. I meditated and started to really, really want to attract these things into my life. So, the wanting process was very successful because I desired them a lot. However, because the energy level was still below a certain mark, I was either unable to send the message or the object of attraction couldn’t get to me. I personally presume it is the latter of the two and by carrying beliefs like “I am not good enough” I am unable to receive what I wish for. Only by going within and observing the hidden convictions can I solve them and let go of them. 
As soon as those subconscious weakening beliefs aren’t in place, there is room and power to exchange them for positive ones. With the help of the corrected view, I have a higher vibration helping me manifest my desires. If this were true, it would mean personal development is as important as having the recipe for manifesting what I intend to create in my life.

As an example, I’d like to choose a dynamic from my personal experience. 
For a long time, one of my core drives was to go away. I didn’t like where I was and thought, ‘I can’t wait to get out of here and go to…’

In Dr. Dyer’s understanding, the state of craving (Energetic Frequency of 125) is always wanting to be someplace else. 
Only when I was worn out by my efforts to “make it” somewhere else was I able to move back to Cologne. I had reached a state where I simply couldn’t hold on to the pattern because I realized it wasn’t helping me in getting where I wanted to go or be. For the first time, I was able to really appreciate the gifts that the city and my current location had to offer. Staying felt like a vital part of being happy. 
The ability to feel comfort in the present was retrospectively possible only if I accepted myself. The problem with the need to escape was that I either loved other places and wasn’t able to stay there, or that I didn’t like them and started looking for the next better option.

I think everyone has their own patterns and sentences they will have to look at. However, by doing so they will gain access to the power that enables them to create.

The good news is that if I am not attracting the things I desire, I can always ask myself why I seem to be having difficulties and what aspect of myself is not allowing the present moment. If that is not possible because I am not able to step outside my own bubble, a professional coach will probably get a handful of reasons and help me move ahead. 
I personally see the map of consciousness metaphorically because I find the concept of definite levels and scores too absolute.

I think this map of consciousness is very valuable because it is an actual map. Where am I and where is improvement necessary to move on? It’s a little bit like wanting to go to Chicago. To get there, I have to travel through certain cities or use certain highways. If I start heading south from Washington DC, there is no way I’ll get there. I can decide whether to use a plane or car, or whether I’d rather hitchhike. So, we can chose to do Yoga or meditate or whatever path feels right. 
In the end, it shouldn’t matter whether I reside on the plain of 250 or 1000 because the transition my life has made up to this point is the reward – not having to react in ways that get me down because, for example, I am angry about how I handled a certain situation.

I hope this article and examples are useful to you. If you have questions or comments, get in touch or use the comment function below.