Maybe it is a coincidence that Norway, Ireland, and Hawaii have been my home for a while. And while to the casual observer it may appear these lands have little in common, one natural phenomenon can be found in all three places to an above-average extent. Rainbows!
I can remember that as a child I could stand in the rain without end, looking into the sky when a rainbow showed itself. The most profound memories of road trips I have are when my friends and I had been witness to magnificent rainbow constellations. While writing this I have simultaneous rainbow memories of the Irish, Norwegian and Hawaiian coasts. Needless to say, loving rainbows is a good start when it comes to liking colors. But for wearing these colors I started consciously deciding how I felt like in relation to my work attire during my time in Ireland.

In the winter of 2015/16, the Irish coast was hit with one consecutive rainstorm following the other, 90 days of non-stop rain. Somewhere along the way, I snapped, craving color and the joy of expression so badly that I asked my mother to send me clothes in every imaginable color as a Christmas present. With these new clothes, I began to use colors as my glimmers of light that I felt were most likely to get me through the day.

This is the reason I am writing this article. Maybe you are employed in a company or position you don’t particularly enjoy very much. Maybe you are dreading every passing minute on the weekend, knowing it will lead to the inevitable Monday morning disaster of having to return to work. Or maybe you are just living somewhere, where the sun was last seen months ago. Wearing your personal power colors can make the difference in finding the energy to change your situation. Having this additional bit of positive vibration could help you to transition into something you have been wishing for a long time.

Feeling trapped on an island in a job I really disliked I found it extremely uplifting to wear the color of my day and to get support from the energy the colors provided.
Therefore, I compiled a list of attributes at the end of this article containing qualities that you can wear under your work attire to feel like the equivalent of Superman or Wonder Woman. If you are in doubt and you don’t feel like researching, you can also ask yourself with which Chakra you want to tune in for the day.

Quick recap for the 7 Chakras from top to bottom:

 Crown Chakra: purple
Third Eye Chakra: indigo (dark blue)
Throat Chakra: blue
Heart Chakra: green
Solar Plexus Chakra: yellow
Sacral Chakra: orange
Root Chakra: red

The way I see it, we don’t even need to understand why we choose a certain color because in our subconsciousness we know it already anyway. It can be compared to drawing a tarot card for the day in the morning. When we pick a card, we rarely know what our day will be like but when going to bed, reminiscing we are likely finding “evidence” for what the card or color has been heralding in the morning.

I feel like the most difficult thing is to segregate the inner from the outer, what causes what. I could talk and think for hours about the paradox of the chicken and the egg. Is the color helping me do things I otherwise wouldn’t feel like doing or am I choosing a certain color because I am able to leave a certain comfort zone during the day? Whenever I would pick a lighter blue as shirt color, I’d often stand in front of my wardrobe and be dubious because I don’t really like to wear light blues as top garments. But every time I am wearing it, I notice I speak up, am more confident in verbal conflict situations and think that my throat chakra feels more open and flowing than usual. After more than three years of working with colors in this way, I can definitely see a difference in how I observe certain colors. Reds had been difficult for me to wear as well but by now I love it when I select blindly and have a red in my hand. We are likely going through phases and some colors will be more appealing in certain times than others. What I can say is that I really love all the colors by now and if you asked me for a favorite color, I couldn’t make up my mind. Every color makes me feel a little different and that is the whole point I am hoping to make.

One last thing I’d like to point out is that the colors we love can help us access the power of colors we don’t like or have an issue with. I am talking about complementary colors. If you never heard the expression, every color has its opposite or flipside if you will.
Like I already mentioned, I experience some issues with the color red. The complementary color of red is green. Back in the day, green was my absolute favorite. Knowing that red and green are working well together, I learned to “accept” the reds and started actually enjoying them after a while.

Coming back to the rainbow, I had my t-shirts stacked from the bottom red to purple on top, which helped me immensely not to judge any disliked colors at the time. Through the spectrum I was able to see the general beauty, going for what color I felt beneficial rather than what I did or did not like. Otherwise, I would have been tempted to avoid blues, reds, and oranges.
My absolute favorite socks are rainbow colored. If an amazing day announces itself or if I have an important appointment, I will not hesitate and wear my rainbow socks.
I am not saying that anyone should adopt my passion for rainbow colors and patterns, but what I am saying is to get comfortable with the colors and patterns you like. If you love floral patterns and there is nothing in the world that makes you feel better then own your passion and wear it. The beautiful thing with clothes is there are so many layers that we don’t even have to display them, but we know they are there, giving us joy and strength.

Colors have helped me to reduce judgment in general. I would like to pass this on because it has worked wonders where other approaches haven’t. It doesn’t matter what helps you express how you feel. If you feel like wearing a certain color celebrate that you are actually following your mood and try not to put a label on it.




Excitement, Energy, Passion, Courage, Attention


Confidence, Friendliness, Optimism, Adventure, Fun


Enthusiasm, Opportunity, Spontaneity, Happiness, Ease, Positivity


Growth, Fertility, Kindness, Healing, Balance, Harmony


Freedom, Authenticity, Self Expression, Wisdom, Joy


Trust, Responsibility, Honesty, Understanding, Inner Security


Spirituality, Peace, Oneness, Imagination, Compassion, Sensitivity, Mystery