This article has been in the back of my mind for a long time. I have always had a mysterious relationship with objects in my periphery. Probably the weirdest link I had so far was a computer monitor with a touch on/off button that wouldn’t work when I was depressed. It was not working for many days and when I was trying again a couple of days later, feeling better by then, it worked just fine. This kept on happening and I realized after a while that my mood had been similar every time the switch was not corresponding.

Let’s not get confused about the main message of the article. Everything and everyone respond to Tender Loving Care but also to the opposite.

All I am saying is that how you treat things makes a difference. If you perceive reality as I do, you will see that everything communicates with everything. The burning off processes of a bonfire will be different depending on the energy of the people around it. Even more so if there is a fire keeper, or person responsible for taking care of the fire. The energy of what is happening around the fire is directly mirroring what is going on in the flames. Some might argue that the opposite is true but maybe we can agree there is an interacting codependence going on with everything around us. “As within, so without”. I believe this to be a vital part of karma. Not that a deity will punish people for being mean to someone at work and favoring others for picking up trash from the street. It is something that resonates with us in our daily lives when we are at peace with the things around us.

Again, I am not reinventing the wheel. We all try to find words for things contemplated for millennia.
Often quoted and talked about scientist Masaru Emoto discovered the way water clusters or molecules behave when treated differently. I believe it is not too farfetched to assume that all matter is in constant rapport with us and is, therefore, showing us a reality that corresponds with our level of consciousness. So, imagine that every object we interact with picks up on the thoughts and vibrations we extend or project towards it. Changing its vibrations in a way that corresponds to ours and therefore creating an energy field of either love and appreciation or fear and depreciation.
I just heard someone say the other day that if we don’t like what we already have, there is no sense in still wanting more. This sentence got my attention because I am often still experiencing a lack of gratitude for what is. So, imagine that the key to happiness is being grateful for everything that is. In the end, we will treat all objects and everyone around us with tender loving care because these things reflect it right back at us. A universal win-win situation for everyone “e”nvolved.

Storytime: I have always had good relationships with cars in my life. More so, I cherished every car I drove because I love to be on the road and the cars made it possible for me to travel. Even though I only knew the minimum on maintenance and on what I had to do to keep them running. I believe, however, that my channel for listening has always been open so they had always been able to communicate with me when oil levels were low or the tires needed to be replaced. It is the same with plants only that their needs are less complex in a way. I never understood how friends could not decide whether to water plants. I can literally hear them screaming at me if they need water or nutrients or a bigger pot.
The best story to relate was an almost breaking down of my car on the I-495 in Washington DC. Back then and probably still right now, the traffic on the Beltway was horrible and, on that day, there had been additional lanes closed because of maintenance work. The car was making a really strange sound on the bridge but I was asking it lovingly if it would be so kind to bring me to where I needed to go. I was already late for an appointment and the bridge was really the worst place I could think of to break down. To me, it seemed miraculous that the car was taking me to my appointment some miles further down south. When the appointment was over and I got into the car in the parking lot it wouldn’t start nor make any attempt to try.
This happened another time with a truck I drove almost 2000 miles through Germany that year. I was the one always inside the car, mostly driving or a sleeping co-driver during these extensive trips between cities. As soon as I had left the group and traveled home by train for another appointment, the truck did not only break down once but twice. In the end, the person driving it had to have someone come and pick them up in the middle of nowhere because the breaks had been beyond repair at that state.

To me this relationship applies to anything and everything. The difficult thing is that we cannot fool our surroundings nor can we fool ourselves. The great spirit, god, or the universe is not fooled by our attempts to disguise superficial niceness while being subliminally aggressive or expecting something in return. So, the next time something is breaking down or on the brink of it, look within and try to find out how you are feeling deep down. If this is not an option at the moment, try being sincerely nice and try interacting with the thing in front of you as if it was someone willing to help you if you treated them with respect and asked politely. Everything we do leaves a trace and the sooner we realize this the easier we can interact with the cosmos outside of us. Animals are great masters at this and they can give instant feedback on how we are doing if we are open to let them speak freely.
As I said, fire is also responsive and can act as a mirror in this kind of interaction. If you are up to it, you can observe a candle flame while sitting quietly in a room. See how the flame is corresponding to your thoughts. If you feel really good about it try conversing with the candle. If we are willing to interact with matter, we are up for a surprise. Everything matters because everything is energy. To bring matters to a head we can just formulate a question in an empty room and we will very likely get the answer if we know how to listen.

I haven’t done so before but if you like you can do a little exercise in the next few weeks. Give it a try to treat things with more TLC. The beautiful thing is that objects are less responsive than more advanced forms of life so the chance of reactivity on our end is smaller. In other words, the things won’t push our buttons as a human or an animal does. If you like, get yourself a plant and take care of it by giving it water when it asks for water and tell it what you like about it once a day or every other day. Not only will you realize that your relationship to the plant will change but also the plant will very likely respond in positive ways. Think about the rose that the little prince takes care of on his home planet. I love the conversation between the fox and the little prince so much because this is the secret for a happy life and fits into a couple of sentences.

Be good to yourself and be good to others, nothing more is needed.